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Friday, July 11, 2008

CVS Superstars!

Here's what I scored this week:

I did 3 transactions and I made a couple of boo boos but I got a lot of great stuff - so no worries!!

Transaction #1:

4 Dawn Dish liquids
1 Febreze Air effects
1 Febreze Noticeable Kit
1 Febreze fabric Refresher
2 CVS Freezer bags (we needed and they had buy one get one 50% off
2 Sure Deoderants
1 Playtex Tampons
Total: $34.08
Spent $16.98 in ECBs
OOP: $1.13
Earned: $13 ECBs

Transaction #2:
6 cans of pringles
4 Pert Plus
2 Powerades
1 Playtex Tampons
2 Boxes of Lipton Decaf Tea
Total: $30.05
Spent: $12.99ECBs
OOP: $6.44
Earned: $7 ECBs

Transaction #3:
3 Essence of Beauty Hand soaps
1 Bic Soleil refill razors
1 Bic Soleil razor
Total: $28.95
Spent: $15 ECBs
OOP: $2.82
Earned: $10 ECBs

So, in total I got $93.08 worth of merchandise for $14.01 OOP!!
I spent $44.97 in ECBs and got $32 ECBs back.

:: Now it's your turn! I can't wait to see how you did this week! I love to see all the creative couponing! :)

You can post from now until Saturday at Midnight!! Just post about your great CVS adventures at your site and then leave a link here! Didn't go to CVS this week, leave a link anyway and tell us WHY you didn't visit the best store ever this week. The only thing I ask is that you link me at your post! Just say something at the end of your post like... Want to see more CVS savings? Visit the "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS Superstars!... and link my name back to this post!

Still not sure how? Email me and I will help!

And, don't be shy if you don't have a blog....we want to hear about your adventures at CVS too! Leave a comment!

Want to see what you missed last week? Check out last week's CVS Superstars HERE!

AND, come back Saturday to see the CVS deals and My Scenarios for next week! Yippee!!! I *heart* CVS!!!


gina b said...

this was my best cvs week since i started 3 months ago. I had 3 transactions I started the week with $22 in ECB's.... the first transaction I bought

4 Oil of Olay Body Washes (not the trial sizes - see below)
1 -23.6 oz Olay Body Calm Release with violet & Lavendar body wash
1-23.6 Olay Body Fresh Reviving with ginseng body wash
1 - 18 oz Olay body wash plush body butter ribbons with jojoba butter
1 - 18 oz body wash plsu creme ribbons with Almond oil

after the CVS specials, my coupons and ECB's I spent 52 cents (yes 52 cents total!)
The second transaction I bought
2 (regular size) cans of pringles - bbq and cheddar
2 febreze air effects
2 febreze sprays
2 covergirl eye enhancer eyeshadows
2 covergirl lashblast mascara's
2 covergirl outlast lipsticks
1 18ct Playtex tampons
1 bag gold emblem red fish (for elli my two year old - she was not in a good mood)

After CVS specials, my coupons and ECB's I spent 95 cents (uh huh - its crazy)

6 small bottles of Dawn dishwashing soap 11 oz each
2 large bottles of Pert Plus dandruff away shampoo and conditioner 13.5 oz each
1 large container of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 39 oz (2lb 7oz)
1 package of CVS brand liquid handsoap (for celeste i don't know the oz sorry)
1 pkg CVS cleansing and makeup remover towlettes (15 towlette package)

and I spent...

I got everything listed above for a total of $1.42 and I have $15 in ECB's to spend next time.

Michelle said...

Wow! Tons of stuff - great job! Next week is looking rough - can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

I bought two boxes of playtex also, but only got ECBs on one box because of the 1 limit. Do you get ECBs on the regular and also on the Sport? Or do you have another card?

I'm asking because i was so frustrated to get no ecbs back on the second box of playtex.


Could you please show exactly which coupons you use. I LOVE learning from you. My CVS wouldn't take the $3 Pert because it was only for Botancial or the $1 Dawn because it was only for the one with the crystals in the bottom, not the $2/2 in their sale.

Mercedes said...

My neighbors and I went to CVS on Sunday. On my husband's card I got:
1 olay def moist (xmas present for my mom)
-4 (july 4 cvs q, my store takes exp)
-3 cvs aging product crt
-3 olay manu coupon
-10 ecbs
= 4.99 + tax oop and get 10 ecb back.

I was really happy to pay this for my mom's favorite moisturizer. Before she left to go homw I bought her a bottle at Costco for $32! gasp! $4.99 beats that any day!

MommaHarms said...

OK, what am I missing? On these transactions, the oop is way lower than the total price minus the "bucks" that you used. Did you use coupons? Even if you subtract the total of the "bucks" earned it's still way less. I would like to start doing this but want to get it "right" thanks!

Denise Sawyer said...

yes, I have a card and my husband has a card. I bought the two in two separate transaction with two different cards.

OF COURSE I USED COUPONS!! I am a coupon queen! =) I will try to add the coupons later. I was in a hurry today - trying to get the house clean! =)

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Marin... said...

Sorry. My link shouldn't say "bubbles" but it does go to the right post. Maybe people will be intrigued???

Gina said...

I went twice and will go back tomorrow for more Olay. I was waiting for my neighbors to give up their Sunday coupons so I can shop again!

Brandy said...

I went one time this week, not the best week for me, but Next week should be better with the new 3/15 coupon. I am excited.

dsr55555 said...

12 Soy Joy Bar (from Rain Check)
1 honey nut cheerios
1 Oil of Olay definity scrub
1 Oil of Olay Sea Salt bath wash
1 Oil of Olay Age Defying Daily Facials
2 Dr Peppers
2 Sure Deodorant
1 CVS make up remover pads
1 CVS hand sanitizer
1 Buddie Bar

Total 37.39

Got a $5 off $30 in email today
After coupons and EcB total OOP is $4.01
Got back $1, 10 ,1, 3 in ECB

2 Six pack Hershey bars
1 Pkg Land o Frost Pepper Ham
2 Gold Peak Tea
1 Country Bobs steak sauce
1/2 Gallon milk

Total 17.83

After Coupon Total OOP $1.44

Pretty good except Kind of sad this is how I want to spend my Saturday night :o) HAHA