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Friday, July 11, 2008


Thanks to Jill who emailed me this link!!

The Drought is OVER!!! Finally a new CVS coupon and this one looks legit!!

You can access it HERE
It is from The Valley Breeze, a Rhode Island Newspaper.

Here is how I know/think it is legit. Everyone can access this newspaper online.

Here's how you can get to it (not using the link I provided)
Go to the Valley Breeze Newspaper
Click on the right side bar where it says "Search the Breeze" (an orange and white box)
Under "Search this Week's Ads" type CVS and click "Search"
It will pull up the PDF File!! (The same one I linked above)!!

Yippee!! It looks like this one is good until July 20 so maybe next week won't be so bad after all!!
Happy CVS Shopping! Be sure to come back here Saturday or Sunday for next weeks deals + my scenarios!!


Mercedes said...

Lots of opportunities to make those photobooks even more moneymakers. I wish I was going to CVS but I don't have a trip to the store until the end of July or beg of Aug. It's 30 mins away for me.

jskell911 said...

Thanks. I live near RI, so I may go pick up a few of the Valley Breeze papers.

April said...

This is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!

Carlie Faulk said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you??? :)

Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, when i try to open the link nothing shows up, i tried opening both through the link and through the steps you posted and nothing saying "search this weeks ads" shows up, any suggestions? thanks

Jennifer said...


Brandy said...

You are the best!

Lorelei said...

This is great! I'm going to stock up on the airwick mini's.....thanks!

layla72 said...

It printed for me! Hope it works! Thanks for sharing the link - I hadn't heard about this one yet!