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Thursday, October 23, 2008


On Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th Old Navy is hosting a Halloween party at every store. In addition to giving away candy they will be giving FREE tshirts ( a certificate up to $14.50 value for any graphic tee ) to kids under 13 who come in costume on Saturday while supplies last. See this great post HERE at A Mom in Red High Heels for details on all the fun, discounts and give aways!


Gloria said...

Hey, Denise. You may want to recommend readers call their local Old Navy. I called the Chattanooga, TN Old Navy and their rules were slightly different than what's posted on A Mom in Red High Heels. Maybe it varies from region to region? Here’s what a manager told me about the Chattanooga, TN Old Navy: on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 & 26, the first 100 customers through the door will get a wrist-band and scratch-off coupon. One of the scratch-offs will be for $100 off your purchase and one will be for $50 off your purchase and others will be for $5 off and others will be for free candy. They open at 9 am Saturday and 11 am Sunday. Also, all children 13 and under who come in the store dressed in a costume Saturday between 11:00-11:30 am for their Halloween Party will receive a coupon for a free graphic tee. This can be used for a child or adult graphic tee.

Lori said...

I went today and both my kids were dressed up. They got 8 pieces of candy and took their picture. We got two vouchers for free graphic tees up to 14.50. I got two shirts and got the kids four Halloween graphic tees at $1 a piece! At 11:30 they were having a coloring contest, too, but my little man was cranky and I needed to get him home and feed him.

We got out of their within 10 minutes, got six tees, and spent $4.28. Pretty awesome deal.

Did anyone see what the coloring contest was for?

Kate said...

We loved it too... 3 kids = 3 free NICE shirts. Spent $13 for 7 shirts and a pair of underwear! (the underwear was the most expensive item, but I do love their underwear!)