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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Red Box Codes

Caryn W. asked me to share how to score codes for REDBOX.

Okay, Caryn ...
This is JUST FOR YOU. (HEHEHE!) Okay, you guys can have it too!

Go here. Scroll down.

That's it. Easy peasy! One thing I have learned though. It remembers which codes you have used so you can only use each code ONCE (on the same credit card). Of course, if you have more than one card... You can use each code ONCE ...on each card. :)

Not sure what RedBox is? Check out my post here where I explain what it is and why I LOVE it!

1 Comment:

Erin said...

I totally love the Redbox too. I only found that site a few weeks ago and gave my husband the code for Wednesday night. And what happened. He totally choked and skipped right past the screen that asked for the code. Doh!