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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Okay, so not so long ago I learned about RED BOX in the blogosphere and I LOVE IT!

If you haven't tried Red Box yet - go get your keys and GO NOW!!

Really, the rentals are only $1 a day (if you pay for them- we'll get to that later). That is WAY cheaper than any other rental place. There are always LOTS of choices too. There is always at least a handful of movies my husband and I want to see.

The best part is you can rent with a promo code and the movie is FREE (for one night). There is always a FREE CODE on Mondays and there are also other Free Codes! Check 'em out here.

Need a Code? Try NOFOOL (Not sure when it expires - but it should be good this whole week at least. The cool part is you can use this code more than once as long as you have multiple credit cards to scan. Otherwise I've discovered that it tracks which codes you've already used so you can't use 'em again (it keeps better track than I do!) :)

We rent movies several times a week lately (especially when there's not going to be any thing good on T.V. ) That WORKS FOR ME!

If you want to see if there is a RED BOX in your area click here and enter your zip code!

What about you? Are you a "RED BOX FAN?"


tootie said...

Good tip - I will have to check that out. You can't beat a $1 (or free!) rental.

Jenny M said...

We have something similar in Florida called "The New Release" (it's also a big red box with $1 DVD's) but I don't know about using codes on it. When do you put the code in? I'd love to try it out on our system!

Denise Sawyer said...

The first screen has an option in the bottom left hand corner that says "rent with a promo code." You push that and then it prompts you to enter the code.

Good Luck!
The "Cents"ible Sawyer

Tara said...

We have something like that in the Kroger store here in Rome, but I don't think it's Red Box. Guess I need to figure out what kind it is and see if there are some freebie codes floating around out there!

Lauren said...

I am not familiar with "Red Box" it an actual "box" you go to and rent movies or is it a website and they send them to you. If it's a "box" I don't think they have made it to the western North Carolina area yet!

Denise Sawyer said...

It is a box just like the picture at the top of the post. You select the one you want and it vends it out to you in a couple of seconds just like a candy or soda vending machine! Cool , huh? Around here (in the boonies - in a small city) we have them in Wal-Mart.
Check there first!
Also there is a website you can go to to find one in your area. I will add it to the post!

The "Cents"ible Sawyer

Hillary said...

I too love Redbox!! We have it in our Bloom grocery store. Thank you so much for posting the code site! I went yesterday and scored 4 movies for FREE! Can't beat that! Thanks again!