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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Pen Fiend's Dream

I read this deal over at Milk Allergy Mom and boy is it a HOT one!

You can score 36 Bic permanent markers for 6.99!!! These retail for about $22!
Staples is having a sale where you get them for $9.99 on sale. Print this coupon for $3 off and viola! Markers for your pen fetish for only $6.99!

For those of you who do not have a Staples close by:

Here's how I did it today-
I went to Office Depot (Office Depot, Staples, and Office Max ALL except competitor's sales and coupons!) and took a print out of the page of the circular from Staples that showed the sale price ($9.99) for this week. Print yours here. (It is towards the back of the circular - Left side - Top left corner).

Then, print a copy of the $3/1 coupon here.

I showed the ad to the clerk and asked if she would match the price (I knew they would - but it pays to be sweet!) She checked (took 1 minute) and then said,"Sure!" Then, I handed her my coupon and just like magic - I walked out with my very on set of 36 markers for $6.99 - enough for any pen fiend!

New pens to grade papers. Now if only mustering up the motivation to grade that big 'ole stack of papers in my classroom were so easy....


JenMarie said...

Aren't these markers gorgeous! I snatched these up too thanks to

Becca's Blogs said...

Great post! I found that coupon online somewhere too. For anyone who doens't know if you turn in used ink cartridges to staples you can get $3.00 for each one. Then you can use up to $9.00 on one order. I used the coupon + $6.00 in staples "money" and paid $2.05!