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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bi-Lo Lives Up to Its Name!

Last night my mom and I went on a marathon shopping trip pickin' up the bargains for this week. This haul included Walgreen's, K-mart, CVS and Bi-Lo.

I got all the items here for $69.52!!!!
My total WAS $132.82
I SAVED $67.26

I saved $34.42 with my Bonus Card
I saved $32.84 with coups baby!!

WOOOOHOOOO!! To view all the details on how you can score all or some of these great items look at my post here with all the Bi-Lo deals detailed with coupon info.


Candace said...

Great job shopping!
Are you having any trouble finding room for all of the food?
What a blessing.

Denise Sawyer said...

I am blessed with a large pantry. We recently built our home and that was one of my MAJOR stipulations when we looked at house plans. :)
However, I am having trouble finding room in my freezer! My birthday is in April and my mom, brother, husband, and grandma are going to pitch in to get me a big freezer to put in the garage. Yay! Then I will have plenty of room to buy & store those free chicken nuggets or waffles when they come along! HEHE