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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My CVS "Loot" So Far!

This is what I have accumulated from CVS so far (I aslo got one thing of Lypsil Lip Moisturizer -only one I could find, a Venus razor, and a tube of Colgate Total-that are not pictured). I have spent $10 out of pocket (OOP). As you can see in the picture I have added a few things that weren't listed in my scenarios, this is because I needed them and so I worked them in (like the Cascade while it was on sale).

You can see all my CVS scenarios for this week here. This should get you started if you are new to CVS and you should leave with a nice little stockpile of stuff and ExtraCare Bucks for next time! If you haven't gone to CVS yet-THERE IS STILL TIME! This sale ends Saturday. Go NOW... YES, NOW... What are you waiting for?


Stephanie said...

I was SO excited to go to CVS and try out your scenarios. I was planning on doing the first 2 scenarios at two different stores today. However, I went to THREE different stores and they didn't have the products that I needed. What do you do in this situation??? I'm assuming it is better to go earlier in the week....

Denise Sawyer said...

I have heard a lot of people saying they were out of things at their CVS. I am lucky that not too many people here have caught on yet! :)

Any way, when this happens I just switch things up. With the $5/$15 coupon you can do that - the goal is just to keep it as close to $15 (before coupons)as you can to get the best deal. Also, to purchase things that give you ECB's so that you end up getting more ECB's than you paid (sometimes even doubling them!).

Sorry you didn't have such good luck. BTW - you could probably do the scenarios I listed in a different order or even scramble some of the products around (try to switch ones with like prices).


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the advice! I have tried to switch some scenarios around to make it work, it's just kind of hard to figure it out at the store since it's kind of complicated! :)

I have heard some people mention something about getting rainchecks on some items that are out of stock. I was wondering exactly how that worked with ECB's... Have you ever done that?

Thanks so much for your great site!

taralynn819 said...

my colgate coupons were for 4.2oz or higher, but the toothpaste on sale at cvs were only 4.0. so i didn't even try that deal. do you think they would have accepted my coupons? what coupons did you use for the toothpaste? anyway, so instead we opted for the 7.8oz 3 pack for $6 at BJ's. not a bad deal, but not free.

taralynn819 said...

yeah, TALK about being out of stock on everything! i asked the cashier what's up and she said they actually start their sale Saturday afternoon. but that's before the inserts come out on Sunday, so that kind of stinks, but what can you do? I guess there is more competition here than I thought!

LOVE my Glade wisp though! And those yummy Cadbury eggs. Cadbury is THE best chocolate ever!

Denise Sawyer said...

I don't know if they would have taken your coupons. It depends on the register - some will - some won't. Some times it is just trial and error.

Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!


Crystal DuBois said...

I have always had a problem with rainchecks too! I went to several different CVS's tonight to find the Venus Razor and everyone was out of stock. I didn't even bother asking for a raincheck. I just politely said "awe shucks" (I really said that!) Anyhow, the manager overheard and said that he could give me a raincheck if I wanted. I said that would be great, except, is it possible to raincheck the 6.00 ECB?...He said he would just write the raincheck for 3.99 instead of 9.99. That way the ECB is already covered! WOO HOO!

After the manager left, the cashier said that I was really lucky. This policy changes from store to store, and from manager to manager! But it is ALWAYS worth a shot.

Denise- Thank you so much for taking the time to share these deals! It is soooooo helpful! BTW, great job this week on your deals!