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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walgreens -My Deals- Not without Crabbiness!

So, today I went to Walgreens and picked up some things that qualified for the P&G rewards.

First, I bought 6 Herbal Essence products and used 2 coupons for buy 2 get 1 free and 4 coupons for $2/1. This brought my total to about $6. I earned 12 Register Rewards (RR).

I turned around and spent my $12 RR on the envelopes, deodorant (for a buck!), 4 two packs of extra strength Magic Erasers (by the way, these REALLY are MAGICAL!!), and a magazine (called Shop Smart - go figure!).

Then, I did the P&G deal one more time. This time I paid about $12 (the coupons weren't as awesome, they were just 6 different $2/1 coupons. I earned $12 in RR.

Then I went back in to spend those to finish off my deals. This time I got 2 bottles of (32 load) Tide, and a 12 pack of granola bars. The total should have been $13 after coupons. I was planning to use my $12 RR and pay about $1 !!! But, no such luck. The register would only take one of the $4 RR! I was very polite - but really *inside* I was CRABBY!!!

I know... I know... it was still a good deal, and over all I did GREAT. I ended up spending $28 for all you see in the pic (plus the magazine) and I left with $8 in RR. Not too bad. But, I think what made me crabby was that I knew I SHOULD have paid $1 for the last transaction, not $9!!!


lerinleigh said...

My last trip to Walgreens left me a little crabby too! I was doing the 6/$20 deal, and they would only let me use one of my RRs ($4 from last time.) I'm still new to the RRs, but I thought we could use as many as we at CVS!

Susang said...

Denise, I think that you have to pay the taxes out out pocket in order to use more than one of the register rewards in one purchase. I was able to use several today with no problem. Thanks for all the great tips and doing all the math to make these deals work for me. With your advise I have been able to purchase close to $100 worth of products from Walgreen's and CVS deals and only spent about $21 once I get my rebates back!

Tara said...

Denise, do you shop at the Walgreens in Rome? I went last week for these same deal and they made me buy NINE of the shampoos/conditioners (using 2 of the b2g1 coupon) in order to get the RR's. So I actually had to spend $20 oop on that one. Grumble. Walgreens is so much more complicated than CVS to me! Still, they were so nice about everything even though I know the manager was ready to ring my neck by the time they got me out the door (about 4 transactions later). I spent $26 oop but got well over $70 worth of stuff we needed. I felt pretty good about it considering it was my first RR attempt. I was especially glad to get a mega pack of Walgreens diapers for nothing oop except tax. They are really good store brand diapers.

Denise Sawyer said...

I do not shop at the Walgreen's in Rome. Since I work in Fort Oglethorpe, I pass the one there. I have a "friend" now in the beauty department that checks my things out (sometimes multiple transactions & always LOTS of coupons). She is SUPER nice and helpful! I didn't have any trouble with the shampoo coups and RR.

But, I agree, Walgreen's IS more complicated. And, I never feel like I do as well - I think it is because even though I know I am getting a good deal, I always spend more out of pocket at Walgreens than I do at CVS which is what I DON'T like! :)

Oh well, such is the life of a cheapskate! HEHEHE
The "Cent"sible Sawyer