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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Personal Goals for 2010

I know it is cliche to say your New Year's goal is to lose weight - but my husband and I have decided to add this to our list. Okay, so our goal isn't just to lose weight, its to eat healthier and more naturally.

With Judah eating more and more table food and soon he'll be having his first glass of cow's milk, I've been doing more research about what eating organically is all about. I've been learning about the health benefits of organic and where I'll get the biggest bang for my buck and the biggest health benefit. I've also been learning how to eat more naturally (think less processed and more home-made). In addition, I've been learning how to make adjustments in the way I cook to ensure we're getting more whole grains and the right portions.

First on our list to do is clean out the pantry and freezer - this will save us money and get us ready to purchase more healthy foods. I'll be making meals from what's on hand for as long as I can. I'll be linking up over at Money Saving Mom's Eat from the Pantry Challenge. We'll see how long I can make it hold out.

Beginning immediately I'll be replacing our produce with organic (only the items from the dirty dozen list - all others will still be purchased conventionally. To read more about which veggies and fruits are on the "dirty dozen" list see my post HERE). And, replacing our milk and other dairy with organic as it needs to be replaced.

We won't be making any meat purchases, frozen foods, or pantry purchases until we complete the Eat from the Pantry Challenge and/or my pantry is totally cleaned out (a month or longer).

We've also vowed to do some sort of exercise together each day for at least 30 minutes. So far we've started doing some aerobics together but we plan to also incorporate some fun activities with the Wii. We've only been doing it for a few days but we've already noticed an improvement in our energy and in the way we feel (we've been in much better moods!).

I'll be checking in here and updating you on our progress and sharing my great grocery finds along the way. Expect to see some new grocery stores on the list! I can't wait to share the ways we are getting fit on a budget as well as how we're keeping within our food budget all while changing over to a more natural diet.

1 Comment:

Nicole said...

Great choice on going more natural in your food consumption. It's scary to find out what's really in some foods.
Have you seen 'Food, Inc'? Great documentary about our food supply system. For my blog, I'm reviewing 'Ecoholic', a book all about being more environmentally conscious. It's eye opening and I will have a giveaway of the book up on my blog sometime later this month.
I'll look forward to hearing your progress on your goals. :)