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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blogging Goals for 2010

I've been seeing lots of great goals for 2010 and it has prompted me to come up with a few of my own and to share them with you! Some of these goals are new for 2010 and others are goals I've had all along and I am recommitting to them.

:: First
I am recommitting to find balance between family, work, and blogging. I work outside of my home as a kindergarten EIP teacher part time now so that I can be home with my son, Judah. Since my husband is supporting this decision I feel like I owe it to him and to Judah to make the most of my time off spending my "home time" with Judah and taking care of my home and family. I am scheduling blogging time every day in the evenings for a couple of hours. I am hoping to continue to manage my time wisely so that I can continue to do the same amount of work on the blog and even add a few new series.

:: Second
I am committing to write more personal posts - updating you on my own progress - paying down debt, staying on budget, get fit frugally, and eating healthily.

:: Third
Begin some new series on this blog. One is already on its way to begin next week entitled Healthy and Natural in 2010. It will be my weekly update to you explaining what progress my family has made to become Healthy and Natural this year as well as a way to share tips on how I've maintained my budget while going natural and organic.

:: Fourth
Provide relevant, quality, and timely content for my readers. This will include all the deal and grocery posts you've been seeing and maybe a few new ones! I will also continue to post reviews and give aways when they are relevant and useful to you. This is where I am going to need some input from you. I need to know what you like seeing here and what new things you would like to see here. What should stay and what should go! I am planning to put a survey soon so I hope you will chime in!

:: Fifth
I hope to continue to grow and reach women who are looking to save money on the things they need so that they can save and spend money on the things they want. I am not really that tech savvy when it comes right down to it so I appreciate all the word of mouth you faithful readers have shown me over the last couple of years. Thanks to your support this blog continues on!


Anonymous said...

Wow, #5 says that you don't want to support and reach the men, classy! At least you're honest about it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic, and I did not interpret #5 as the commenter above did. I really do think you're classy!

Denise Sawyer said...

I know that there are some men that read this blog - and I am glad they do. I don't mean that I don't want them to read this blog! LOL. I just know from previous surveys that 99% of my readers are typically in the age range of 20-40 and are moms. I am happy if anyone reads this blog. =)