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Monday, November 16, 2009

Do It Yourself Home Projects Save Serious Dough!

Weekend Project is a new software that features tips from TV personality Kristian Cunningham (as seen on HGTV and The Rachael Ray Show). This software boasts that it can help you start and finish a job quickly!

What's cool about this software is that help plan and organize the renovation and redesign of home projects, specifically over the weekend! It has an extensive library of objects you can choose from when trying to choose new appliances, choose landscaping for your yard, or even what color paint to use in your home. Using PhotoView you can include a picture of your home in the design! This helps tremendously- especially for those of us who aren't "visionaries!"

We just finished a do-it-yourself tiling job this weekend at my mom's house for her birthday. My whole family has decided that instead of purchasing gifts (that we don't need) for each other, we will give the gift of labor to one another. This has meant installing pot and pan racks in my mom's kitchen, installing a pond at my mom and dad's backyard, building a patio at our house, and now tiling a backsplash in my mom's kitchen. It's funny, we all have our "wish lists" already planned well in advance! My brother wants help installing a sliding glass door and his wife wants help landscaping the flower beds.

For my birthday, I want my mudroom finished! Part of our house plans called for a small mud room at the back door. We held off finishing it because it was something that could wait and we didn't have the money. So, right now it just looks like a large closet with no door!

This program could prove helpful, especially to you that are "do-it-yourselfers." If you are not doing home projects yourself (or with the help of friends and family) you are missing out on saving TONS of money. Take the tile job that we just finished for my mom for example. The labor itself would have cost us $1000 to pay someone. Not only did we save that dollar amount, but we also saved money by recycling the tile that we used in our own home. Luckily, my mom liked our tile, and we had a lot left. We had bought it at deep discount because it was being discontinued. Because of this we decided to buy plenty of extra because we knew we wouldn't be able to get our hands on any more if we ran short. So, the materials we're nearly free! All that was needed was a few accent pieces to make it personal which my mom and I purchased at a discount tile place here near our home. For around $100 + resources we already had, we were able to tile my mom's kitchen backsplash and it looks like a million bucks!

For more information on Weekend Project check out the page Weekend Project.



Together We Save said...

We are do it your selfers... if not we could never make any improvements. We would never be able to afford it.

Lor said...

We've been looking to tile our back splash for years, but neither of us our handy and could not afford to hire someone. Hearing your story makes me hopeful. We would have to start from scratch with materials though. You already had a tile saw? or didn't you need one? I'll be checking out the software for sure! Thanks

Denise Sawyer said...

We already had a tile saw - and it has paid for itself many times over with all the use we've given it. We used it when we built our house for all the bathrooms and kitchen. We used it to tile my mom's entrance and kitchen backsplash, and the coffee house my parent own has tile floors too! So, we had that already. I don't think it was too costly. We didn't buy top of the line or anything and it works great! You might also check on renting one from Home Depot if buying one doesn't seem the way to go.

Lor said...


Lori A. said...

This is a great idea. About 7 years ago my family gave us the gift of redoing our kitchen. It had really ugly YELLOW countertops and blue floral wallpaper. They came in and put in new countertops, painted the cabinets & walls and then my husband laid down a new floor. It was wonderful! It was something we desperately needed and we got a lot more use out of it then some cutsie knick knack or whatever.

We're on the tiling the backsplash train, too. LOL I keep telling hubby we should take the tiling class at Lowe's or Home Depot and we could probably do it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

My husband & I are DIYers too. This fall we actually built and installed guttering on our house! :) Between leftover guttering we were given, I think we maybe spent about $50 total, which included a rivet gun - we consider tool purchases investments.

If 2 accident-prone people can install about 80' of guttering without an ER trip, anyone can! :)