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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Save-A-Lot Month of Lunches Gift Card Give Away

Need some help busting lunch time boredom? Need some new ideas that won't break your budget?

Save-A-Lot has put together a Month of Lunches menu, available via PDF and online, to help parents answer the question, “What’s for lunch?” Best of all, the average cost of the lunches is less than $1.00 per day – that’s $1.30 less per day than the cost of the average school lunch (according to the School Nutrition Association). Over the course of 180 school days, that’s a savings of $234!

While you're checking out the month of lunches menu, be sure to check out the other great material on Save-A-Lot site including:
  • 10 Tips for Beating Lunch Box Boredom
  • Shopping List (generic, non-branded items)
  • Arts & Crafts activity - materials to encouraging kids to select which lunches they want ahead of time. Kids can cut and paste their selections onto a blank calendar, color and decorate and work with mom to put up in a communal area so that kids feel empowered to make their own lunch time choices.

Want to head over and choose some NEW lunch items at Save-A-Lot on their dollar?
One lucky reader will win a $25 gift card thanks to Save-A-Lot!

Here's what you need to do to enter:
1. Visit the Save-A-Lot Month of Lunches site HERE 2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite lunch from the menu.

This give away will end Friday, September 4th at midnight EST. I will announce the winner via here on Saturday, September 5th.


Just Me said...

Of Course mine is Hot Dogs and beans. I may be 35 but it is one of my favorite meals and the kids love it too! *lol* never though about giving it to them for lunch though. Let me go get them a thermos:)

Julie said...

Favorite lunch would be spaghetti and a thermos. Yum.

Tracy said...

Cheese quesadilla on a tortilla, fruit, fruit kids love these!
We eat the quite often...the make a great snack too...not to mention, they are cheap to make.

Ashley Flores said...

Mmm... the Chef's Salad sounds yummy.

Ashley F.
daniel.ashley AT

Keri said...

Soup in a thermos with crackers sounds great. Maybe I'm just looking forward to cooler weather!

ashley said...

• Peanut butter and jelly
mini sandwiches
(on crackers)
My daughter would love that!

daamc811 @ charter. net

Heather said...

I think the Cheese Quesidilla on a Tortilla with the fruit and juice. I make these for my son for a snack all the time. 30 seconds in a microwave and it's so easy!

heather @ nwadeals. net

Letherton said...

The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. we are big peanut butter fans.

Ethertonphotography @ gmail. com

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter and jelly sounds great to me.

Nancy W. (

Anne said...

I love Save-a-lot!!! My favorite lunch would have to be:
• Peanut butter and banana
roll-up on a tortilla
• Applesauce
• Milk in a thermos

Mindy said...

Chef's salad, my daughter would love that!

sjfarley said...

I like the lunchmeat and cheese rollups. I sometimes stick the tortilla even. Save-a-Lot really saves me money.

Anonymous said...

My favorite lunch would be the chef salad.


Anonymous said...

I like the peanut butter and banana roll-up on a tortilla with applesauce...YUM

Shelley Frady said...

My faovrite is Lunchmeat sandwich
with lettuce and veggies
• Raisins
• Water with
Wyler’s Packet

Wendy said...

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pretzels and milk. Actually, I eat pbj everyday for linch now!!!

Erin said...

wow I am surprised so many of then sound so good
but I know even my picky eater will love
• Spaghetti and meatballs
in a thermos
• Baby carrot sticks
• 100% fruit juice
in a thermos

thanks for showing us this I wil definitely be using this cool tool.

mommyangel96 at aol

Tara said...

Mine would be the Soup in the thermos with fruit and water. Yummy!

Ashley said...

Chef Salad!

Stacey Moore said...

Chef salad (lettuce with
kids’ choice of meat,
cheese, and veggies)
• Crackers
• Capri Sun


Amy said...

The Chef Salad or the Fruit Salad, both sound great. The ravoli in a thermos is good too. I must be hungry?

Young in TX said...

Chef salad. Yum! Amazingly my kids love them. Are they mine? lol.

Laura in TX

Anonymous said...

My girls and I agree, has to be spaghetti and meatballs.

JC said...

I like Cheese sandwich,Baby carrot sticks and Water!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll go with soup in a thermos, only because I HATED when my mom gave me soup in a thermos for lunch. :-)

Really, my fave is the chef salad.

The Lawson Family said...

I like the PB and Banana on a tortilla. My son would enjoy this, although my daughter would hate it! Sometimes I just like to torture them a little bit!

Kristin K. said...

Chef Salad definitely! I love Save-a -Lot.

Anonymous said...

Lunch meat roll-up with cheese would be my fav!

Flying C Farm said...

Cheese quesadilla on a tortilla, fruit, fruit juice. yum!

CrystalGB said...

Peanut butter and banana roll-up on a tortilla
Milk in a thermos

Jill said...

Oh- the hot dog roll up with cheese sounds like a goodie!

cblanchard76 said...

Chef's salad!!!

Janice said...

A simple cheese sandwich, water and carrot sticks. Sticking to the basics. :)

Lynn said...

I would have to say the Chef Salad, I would like to send that with my son.
I would also add some sunflower seeds (extra protein and fiber) and some madarin orange segments (to sneak in some more fruit :)
Then for the dressing, I would either do ranch or a poppyseed dressing. Kids love the sweet taste and it goes so well with the oranges. Try it sometime.
I might also send in a leftover crescent roll from dinner the night before. Mine kiddo is growing so fast right now, he needs a pretty good size lunch. That is, if he can quit socializing long enough to eat it...he must get that from me :)
Nice contest, thanks for the opportunity.

Jana said...

I think the mini raviolis in a thermos is a great idea ~ I never thought about sending something besides soup in a thermos!
Great contest! Thanks for the offer!

Julie Ann said...

Cheese quesadilla on a tortilla sounds wonderful!

free indeed said...

Mine would be the cheese and crackers; an apple with pb, pretzels and a drink.

SH said...

Mini raviolis in sounds good !
a thermos
• Fruit (apple)
• 100% fruit juice
in a thermos

rskmom said...

soup, fruit, and a water - I love soup in the winter! It's so comforting.

Teah said...

I love dinner re-dos to use up the leftovers. Milk in a thermos is a fun idea!

KellyH said...

I think either the mini raviolis (I love ravioli) or fresh fruit salad.


Jeka_barnes said...

My favorite would be: Peanut butter and jelly
mini sandwiches
(on crackers)
• Raisins
• Capri Sun

Sounds Yummy!

fashionfrugality said...

My fave lunch would be the fruit salad, peanut butter and crackers and milk in a thermos. Yum!
kkondek at

Anonymous said...

Beans and franks in a
• Applesauce
• Milk in a thermos