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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's On Sale This Month?

Want to know when the sales are happening? Certain things go on sale each year at the same time. Here's what to keep your out for during the month of June:

  • Look for swimsuit prices to drop.
  • Lingerie: Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale (Victoria's Secret is part of a group of stores - Limited Brands - that all have their semi- annual sales at the same time, including Bath and Body Works, and the White Barn Candle Co.)
  • Tools: Drills, Saws, grills and high tech items go on sale for Father's Day and grads
  • Dairy: June is Dairy month!

What will be on sale next month? (July)
Have you been wanting to get a membership at your local gym? Now is the time. Gyms are often willing to negotiate prices to keep up quotas during the summer months when everyone is on vacation.

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Loretta said...

Just found your site and I love it.