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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rockin' Baby Sling Give Away!

This week I have a new article over at the Baby Buzz Blog. It is all about my experiences nursing. If you are a new mom or a soon to be mom you might find my insights helpful. And, if you are a veteran mom you might like to read this light-hearted article about a new mom getting used to the "art of nursing." I hope you'll stop by and leave me a comment!

If you missed last week's article it was all about traveling with a baby. If you are planning a trip with your new addition this is a must read! We recently went on two trips with Judah, my now three month old. One was a LONG car trip (across the United States from Georgia to Lake Eerie) and the other was a plane trip.

I couldn't have made the trip without my Rockin' Baby sling! It was a life saver! And, I am so excited that I get to give one to one of my awesome readers!

The Rockin' Baby Sling that I have is the baby pouch style. I never knew how much I would love this thing! It came in the mail just a couple of days before we made our trip to Miami, Florida for the Word of Mouth Marketing (Womm) conference. The pouch made it so much easier to get through the airport and I loved that he was tucked safely inside from well-wishers and thier germy airport hands. (Need I remind you that this was the same time as the swine-flu hysteria). I was able to tuck him inside and use both of my hands to push the stroller with my carry on bags stowed in the stroller.

What I didn't know was how much I would love it once I got home. I practically use it every time we leave the house. First, when we go to the grocery store or CVS I take Judah out of his car seat and tuck him inside the pouch. Even when he is wide awake at first, Judah always falls asleep in the pouch because it is so snuggly. That is great for me because I can whip through the store without him fussing and get right out. Plus, it is better than keeping him in the carseat in the grocery cart because the carseat takes up room in the cart and again people are more likely to touch him (I know, I know, I am obsessed with strange people touching my child).

The biggest question I get about the sling/pouch is if it is awkward or heavy and uncomfortable. It really isn't. If you have it adjusted right it is a lot easier than carrying him and you have both of your hands free to do whatever. It actually distributes the weight a little better too. And, Judah loves it too. I think it is because he is right up against me and can hear my heart beat - kind of like when he was in the womb. It comforts him too! When he is fussy you can put him in the sling and he'll be off to dream land.

Okay so on to the give away!

All you have to do is visit Rockin' Baby Slings HERE
Choose your favorite sling or pouch

Then, come back here and fill out the google doc. You're info will be hidden - no one else will see your response.

You have until Sunday, June 21st at 11:59 EST to enter! I will announce the winner on Monday, June 22nd using


SavvySuzie said...

Great contest! I adore these slings, and I've been eyeing them for our new little one due in August!

TotallyAngel said...

Wonderful! They are all so beautiful, I am having my first baby this December and how cool is it the drawing is on my birthday!

Enjoy your evening, love the site.

Good luck everyone!

Jamie said...

These are AMAZING slings!!!! I love that the patterns are so NOT baby and also pretty unisex. LOVE the look of them. Thanks for the great contest.

Marilyn said...

Grandbabies and Butterflys, no better combo as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the awesome contest Denise and Rockin-Baby-Sling

Sharon said...

Love these! especially the Reach for the Sun.

searcher7105 at gmail dot com

kentuckymommy said...

I just love these...especially the yellow n scarlett free organic ring sling...Thanks for hosting such a great site!

Sally_Mom23 said...

I just LOVE these, the patterns are so hip. We are expecting our 3rd baby in November and I have never had a sling before...they look super comfy! (We are finding out what we are having on the day of the drawing...yeah!) Thanks Denise!