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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Having a "Stay"cation

If you missed it, Alyssa and I talked about having a "stay"cation on blog talk radio tonight. You heard me right, a "stay"cation - not vacation. A "stay"cation is a great alternative to a vacation if you are strapped for cash this summer. You can stay right at home and still have an eventful time and get some much needed R&R.

If you missed the show, you can still listen on demand on my blue BlogTalkRadio player on the left hand side bar. You can listen any day, any time - when it is convenient for you!

Here are some highlights from the show:
  • When planning a "stay"cation determine the dates and create a schedule of "events" much like you would for a vacation. If you've got kids be sure to involve them.
  • Get your house ready before the "stay"cation: Put clean sheets on the bed - add a few chocolates, purchase some yummy new bath products, a new book or magazine to read, clean the house beforehand so you aren't tempted to do regular chores during your "stay"cation.
  • Think like a tourist: search the internet for local attractions and/or a calendar of local events (hiking or bike trails, state parks for picnics, theme parks, sporting events, concerts, local festivals, zoos, aquariums, community theater, broadway plays, etc). Also, use the internet to find coupons for these things and for your local restaurants!
  • Plan an exciting "event" for each day - either something to get you out of the house (see above) or something at home - like theme dinners, renting and watching movies, camping out in the back yard, making your own "water park" via the water hose and a sprinkler or wading pool, playing board games, etc.
  • Don't do anything you wouldn't do if you were on vacation - UNPLUG! Unplug the phone, computer, cell phones, etc. Check your snail mail but don't open it! Just let it pile up much like it would if you were on vacation. Don't clean out closets or clean house (do that before the "stay"cation).
  • Break the Rules: Stay up late, sleep in, eat junk food!
  • Take lots of pictures: document your fun experiences with photos! You can make a scrapbook and you'll cherish these fun new memories just like you would any vacation - but without the spender's remorse!
Has your family planned or had a "stay"cation? I'd love to hear your tips and ideas! Share it with us in the comments!

2 Comments: said...

Great post. StayCations are a great way to save money, especially with the rising price of gas.

I would suggest that you let people know you are going on vacation (all be it at your own home).

If you let your co-workers know that you're going to be taking time off but will be home during that time off they will be tempted to contact you for work related items big and small.

Check your local library. Many offer free passes for local attractions. Chicago libraries allow you to check out free passes to major attractions like the city aquarium and museums.

If you are in a major city a StayCation is a great time to catch plays at a discount. Websites like in Chicago offer 50% discounts on last minute tickets to theater products.

If you have kids consider having a camp-out in your own back yard. THe kids will love pitching the tent and sleeping outside during the night.

Also consider hiring a maid from Merry Maids or other similar company come in once or twice to do the housecleaning.

Deb said...

Great post and ideas. Thanks for sharing.