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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld Review

I was sent a free copy of Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld on DVD to review and I have to say as a teacher I think this is a great little show for the under 6 set. While I am not condoning sitting your preschooler in front of the television for hours on end, I do believe this show has its educational merits and if you do allow your little one to watch a little television, this is a safe and educational program developed with kindergarten curriculum in mind.

Here's what Ribert and Robert's WonderWorld is all about in a nutshell:

Ribert, an energetic little frog
and his best friend Robert travel through the animated land of Wonderworld. Along the way, the delightful duo answer quizzes, meet performers like Magic Matt and resident storyteller Leeny, participate in science experiments and discuss real-life dilemmas. Each episode is built around themes derived from the kindergarten curriculum and also addresses social-developmental issues like the first day of school and visiting the doctor. All the while, the series inspires little viewers to ‘love to learn and learn to love in everything they do!’ through playful music, magic, movement and art.

You can view free episodes online as well as find printables and enter contests (for huge prizes like $10,000,televisions, and giftcards!) HERE

The contests are called The Golden Ribby Awards, and are a quarterly opportunity for talented kids across the country to showcase their gifts in music, comedy, dance, art, science, sports and more. With help from their parents, kids are invited to make a video or take a digital picture highlighting their talents and upload it at WonderWorld

What a cool idea!