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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walmart Baby Buzz Blog - New Post!


I finally have a new article over at the Baby Buzz Blog! This week the article is about my experience at the hospital! There are also a few new pictures from Judah's newborn "photo shoot." So be sure to head over and read my quick little article and post a comment to let me know you've been there! I love to hear from my readers!

I am doing well, and already I have learned a lot and experienced all kinds of things that I haven't before! I am looking forward to sharing some more of our "first" experiences with you through the Baby Buzz Blog! Be on the lookout for lots more hilarious articles a I share what is happening here as I bumble along as a new mom!


dk said...

You all look so perfect - he's beautiful=) I love the pictures=) Thanks for sharing each step of your journey!!

Amy said...

He is so adorable. You look GREAT! Thank you for sharing your story... what an incredible experience, and what an AMAZING God we serve. He always seems to know what He's doing!

Judah is precious. Congrats! I know you are a great mommy.

Jen said...


Sharon said...

congrats! l♥ve your photos .. they are beautiful!