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Monday, March 30, 2009

New Video! Shopping Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

Shopping Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

A couple of months ago I won a contest on with Libby's Canned Vegetables. They gave me two gift cards. One to purchase groceries for my family and one to purchase groceries to donate to a family in need. I took this opportunity to make a video showing how many groceries you could purchase with a budget of $100 (which was the amount of the gift card). I happen to know a family (actually I'm sure we all know several families) who could really use a leg up so I called them and asked what types of foods they eat and how the mother cooks. This family is a mother and three small children.

This weekend, with this particular family in mind, I put my coupons together along with a meal plan of easy and quick fix meals and took my mother along on a shopping adventure at Walmart. She was my videographer!

My total came to $149 before coupons.
After coupons my total was $119.
We ended up with enough groceries to make 18 complete dinners, along with lots of breakfasts, lunches, and snackfood too! So, with leftovers, this family should have enough groceries to last almost an entire month - they may need to pick up only milk and bread later down the road.

The mom told me that she usually buys some convenience types foods (like breakfast sandwiches you can microwave), and that the kids like mac & cheese, potatoes, green beans, tacos, pizza, and chicken. What we ended up doing is buying some things that would be easy to fix - showing the mother how she can almost as easily make her own breakfast sandwiches and homemade - easy to make pizza rather than frozen. By incorporating some items that require only a little preparation instead of heat and eat items we were able to really stretch the grocery budget and get more for our money. Here's what the family ended up with (this includes ALL ingredients to make the following - including staples like flour, sugar, oil, etc.):

Hotdogs with chips, mac & cheese, or fried potatoes (twice)
Hamburgers with chips, mach and cheese, pickles, and/or fried potatoes (twice)
Hamburger Helper (twice)
Tuna Casserole
Pizza - cheese or pepperoni (twice)
Chicken and rice bake with green beans
Chicken with Yellow rice with green beans
Chicken Parmesan with rice or spaghetti noodles
Tuna Salad
Soft Tacos with beef, cheese, and refried beans (twice)
Chicken Quesadillas

Leftovers from dinners
Beanie Weenies (twice)
one round of frozen dinners
Chicken and Rice soup with sandwiches (pb&j, grilled cheese, or ham)
Chicken Noodle soup with sandwiches (pb&j, grilled cheese, or ham)
Mac and Cheese with raw carrots and ranch

ham, egg, and cheese biscuits (three times)
Breakfast burritos eggs, cheese, and sausage (twice)
Cereal (frosted mini wheats, rice krispies, pops, fruit loops)
Granola bars
Scrambled or fried eggs with grits and toast

Snacks and other side items for lunch/dinner:
Crunch and Munch
cheese puffs
carrots with ranch
corn on the cob (twice)
canned fruit (four)
mac and cheese
sweet tea

Be sure to watch the quick video to learn some easy to implement tips to stretch your grocery dollars!

Thanks to Libby's Canned Vegetables we've helped this family get back to the table and enjoy a quick and easy meal together at home! Visit Libby's website to get more tips on how your family can get back to the table together for meals and to find out just how important it can be for your family to enjoy a meal together at the family table! My favorite finding: Children who eat dinner with their families five or more times a week are more likely to have higher grades in school!)


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful thing to do.

cheapsk8mom said...

The lemonade stand award!!
I have named you and your blog as being a positive and helpful blog... Please pick up your reward here at my blog.

Jessica - Jessica Knows said...

OK, I am super impressed! I cannot believe you were able to get ALL that for the price point you did.

Bravo! And it sounds like the family was very deserving.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family as well!

Laur said...

this video is awesome! YOu should do one once a month with different stores that you use!

Mindolla said...

Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home said...

So happy to see another video Denise! As usual, wonderful job! What a great thing you did for that family...I'm sure she certainly appreciated all of your efforts and generosity! Way to go with helping others and getting them together at their table!!

Karrie said...

I loved that! Brilliant how you were able to get 18 meals out of $100 to give away to family in need. So nice!

CTgirlinKS said...

Great job! I appreciate the lessons while watching you shop so frugally for another family. Kudos to Libby's, too.

Simply Susan Jewelry said...

Thanks for letting me get involved with this project. I had a great time. I know this family will be very blessed.

The life of Jayne said...

WAY TO GO!!! I bet that was so fun!!!

Jessica said...

Question about stacking coupons:

I know you can stack a store and a manufacturer coupon, but I didn't think you were allowed to stack 2 manufacturer coupons like you did (when both said to buy 3, I thought to use both coupons you needed to buy 6).

Anonymous said...


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