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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog Talk Radio Show Tonight! - All about Freebies!

Tonight Alyssa, my cohost from KingdomFirstMom and I will be hosting another show on Blog Talk Radio. Tonight the show will be all about

Online Freebies
We'll be discussing:
  • where to find them
  • knowing if they are legitimate
  • avoiding the inevitable spam
  • putting freebies to good use
  • tips and tricks for making freebies work for you
  • and whatever else you want to hear about!
Feel free to leave your freebie questions here in comments, or tune in tonight at 8pm EST and participate in the live chat.

Wondering how to get started as a Blog Talk Radio listener? Go here.

I'll also be talking about the birth of my baby boy Judah - so if you want a quick update be sure to tune in! =)

1 Comment:

Trevor @ Financial Nut said...

Sounds great! I'll see if I can't make it!