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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Tanktop at Aeropostale!

FREE Aéropostale Tank Top In-Store beginning March 3rd.

Starting March 3, 2009, bring a copy of the April 2009 issue of Seventeen and show the page with the featured Aéropostale tank, or a printout of the homepage, to a participating Aéropostale store to receive 1 (one) tank top from Aéropostale.

One tank top per person. While supplies last. There are 30,000 tank tops available nationwide. Promotion ends April 6, 2009. A notice will be posted on when Sponsor has given away all 30,000 tank tops.

*NOTE* They did this last year and I got my free tanktop! It is cute for sleeping in!


Megan said...

Thanks! I put this on my blog with a link to you!

R and R Stacy said...

Oh that store!

joyce said...

Sounds like a great deals, I put a link to your post on my website, will be first at the store on the 3rd!

The Royal Family said...

thats awesome!

Wanda said...

ooooo oooooo yay! I love that place. My kids love most everything in there.
Can't wait.

sjohnson73 said...

Sorry to sounds like a newbie, but I go to the site, and then just press print? Not a specific place on the home page?

Anonymous said...

I got the tank top today...really cute! It is white with the words "Do Your Part" on the front with a peace symbol. I just printed out Seventeen magazine's home page (no specific area) and they gave it to me with no problem. Thanks for the info!


Stacey said...

did you get asked your age or have to show id for proof of age when you got the tank?? i saw on another site that you have to be between 18-29 and I'm a few months past 29!! (literally!! :o) 30 in november!)

Anonymous said...

They did not ask about my age (I am 32 by the way!). I mentioned it was for my niece, but they did not ask me specifically who it was for.