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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Coupon Lingo

Coupon Lingo and Abbreviations

Reading the Grocery Store Deals can be like learning a new langauge if you are new to the game! Well, here's a list of the most common abbreviations used on coupon blog sites. I hope this helps...consider me your professor of coupon lingo! Have a new one you don't understand? Email me and I'll help and add it to the list!
  • ECB - Extra Care Bucks - CVS "money" printed on receipts to be used like cash in store
  • OOP - Out of Pocket - actual cash paid
  • Peelie - Peelable coupon located on merchandise packages
  • RR - Register Reward - Walgreen's "money" printed on receipts to be used like cash in store
  • BOGO: Buy One Get One FREE!
  • 2/$5: This means 2 items for $5 (of course there could be other numbers like 3/$10 means 3 items for $10).
  • $1/2: This means $1 off of 2 items, in other words you must buy 2 items and then the coupon will work (of course it could be different numbers like $2/1 means $2 off 1 item).
  • wyb: when you buy
  • Catalina: thin paper coupon that prints out from a seperate machine (like at grocery stores)
  • Blinkie: the little (usually red) coupon machines that are in the grocery store aisles. You can take a coupon and a few seconds later it spits another one out just like it. They sometimes have a little red light "blinking" - this is why they are called blinkies.
  • MIR: Mail in Rebate
  • SS: Smart Source (coupon insert in the newspaper)
  • P&G: Proctor and Gamble (another coupon insert in the newspaper-once monthly)
  • RP: Red Plum (coupon insert in the newspaper)
  • exp: expires (usually followed by the date of expiration - like on coupons)
  • FLIP: Food Lion Internet Printable Coupon

1 Comment:

Lilliebbooth said...

My goal is to get more involved with taking advantage of couponing to decrease my grocery expenses. Thanks for providing the "Coupon Lingo" information. Some of the terms I was aware of, but Red Plum and FLIP I would have never gotten. I am adding your site to my list of "Favorites" so that I can visit it often.