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Monday, January 12, 2009

Come Listen - AND CALL IN - on Blog Talk Radio!

I Have a Talk Show

Alyssa from Keeping the Kingdom First and I will be hosting a weekly show on Blog Talk Radio! We are very excited to be joining forces (and brains- you know those preggo brains!) for this show to bring you some exciting information!

If you are new to Keeping The Kingdom First, Alyssa is a CVS fanatic just like me! She is also expecting a baby this year! Although, she is much more savvy in the area of motherhood than I (this will be her third baby)!

We'll be talking about CVS shopping, how to score the best deals at your grocery store, stockpiling, freebies, deals, and we'll be doing give aways! The main theme of this show will be about how to save you money! That includes saving money on your grocery and household budgets as well as saving money raising baby!

We want YOUR input too! Please leave us a comment telling us what topics you would like to hear more about! And, the cool thing is, on blog talk radio, you can call in and talk to Alyssa and I. This will give you an opportunity to ask us questions and to add your two cents!

Our show information can be found HERE
It will be on Thursday evenings at 8:00 EST
Can't make it? No worries, the show will be recorded and you can come right here to my blog and get the link to listen later. Of course, if you are going to participate - call in or talk in the chat room then MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! =)

For now Alyssa and I will be known as the "Frugal Baby Bloggers." But this is just a temporary name. We want YOU to help us name our show - and there is something in it for you! You can win big just for offering your ideas! Check that out in the following post!


Kristen said...

One dilema of all these savings and stock piling is where to put everything! It would be good to include the organizing of, and proper storage of, in your show as well.

Good luck! I hope it's a success!

Marianne Thomas said...

You two have a GREAT idea! I think Andrea and I and all the Ohio blogging divas are gonna have to look at doing something like this, too!

Can't wait to hear more!

Marianne @ The New Frugal Mom

Steph said...

I think you should call it baby bloggers on a budget!