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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Albertson's Deals are Awesome this Week!

This week Nov. 5 - Nov. 11 they are having an awesome General Mills/Unilever Promotion where if you spend $30 on participating items you will earn a $15 Catalina to use on your next purchase. Just this deal alone will be like getting everything in your cart for 50% off but there are a LOT of coupons that can be used on the participating items so you will be able to get many of the items for FREE or almost free this week!!

Erin at I am Frugal has all the deals in a very readable format ... and let me tell you it is a JUMBO list! =)

If you have an Albertson's in your area... this is a great week to stock up and SAVE! See I Am Frugal's Deals HERE


Jody said...

Here in NM, they are not running this promotion. Instead, they are offering a $10 off of a $100 purchase. They also have 10/$10 items (a bunch)...but for the most part, they don't seem like great deals. Our ad says that Albertson's is doubling <$.50 coupons and tripling <$.33 coupons until the end of the month. Sadness all around for not having your deal this week :(

Jessica said...

I don't see it in my local ad in the Dallas Texas area either. Hopefully they are still doing the deal, but it's hidden?

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

i've done these deals a few times already and am going for it again tonight (check out my posts for transaction details)! great great deal to get in on!! :D