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Sunday, September 14, 2008

CVS Deals 9/14 - 9/20 (Some areas: 9/12 - 9/18) + My Scenarios!!

All deals thanks to Slick Deals - This is just high lights - to see their whole post visit HERE

Don't Forget: You can get $2/$10 with the coupon HERE


:: ECB Deals

Excedrin Express Gels 20 ct.$3.99 get $3.99 ECB
FREE Limit 1
Excedrin PM Product, any $2 (10-5-08) SS 7/13/08
$2 Printable

Purex 2.99 get 1.00 ECB Limit 5 (month long deal)
Purex Laundry Detergent, any liquid or powder .50 (10-31-08) SS 8/10/08
$1/2 Purex Laundry Detergent, any liquid or powder .50 (10-26-08) SS 9/14/08

Hellmans, Lipton, Skippy, Ragu Buy $10.00 get $3.00 ECB Limit 1
Hellmanns Product, any 18 oz.+ .60 (11-9-08) V 8/17/08
Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton To Go or Any Iced Tea Mix, any .75/2 (11-01-08) V 8/17/08
Lipton To Go or any Iced Tea Mix, any $1 on 2 (11-1-08) V 8/17/08
Ragu Pasta Sauce, any $1 on 2 (10-26-08) V 8/17/08
Skippy Peanut Butter Product, any 15 oz.+ .60 (11-9-08) V 8/17/08

Covergirl buy $10.00 get $3.00 ECB Limit 1 (eyeshadow 2.99, lashblast 6.49, wetslicks 3.99, aquasmoothers line 5.49)
Cover Girl Lip Product B1G1F (9-30-08) P & G 8/31/08
Cover Girl Product, any $1 (9-30-08) P & G 8/31/08

Revlon Age Defying $9.99 get $5.00 ECB Limit 1
Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any $1 (10-3-08) SS 8/3/08
Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any $2 (11-16-08) SS 7/20/08
Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any $2 (12-28-08) SS 8/24/08

Buy $15 of garnier skin, hair and hair color get $5 ECB Limit 5 (same as Sept Monthly deal)
Garnier 100% Color Vibrant Colors Hair Color $3 (8-31-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, any Family Size $2 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Style Product, any except trial $1 (10-31-08) SS 7/20/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (12-31-08) V 6/22/08
Garnier Fructis Style Product, any $1 (12-31-08) V 6/22/08

$1 off Garnier Products tearpad found at Walgreens

Sally Hansen price starting at $3.99 get $2.00 ECB Limit 1
$3/$10 Tearpad @ CVS
$1 Printable

All St Ives buy $10.00 get $5.00 ECB Limit 1
Buy One Elements Product Get One Free (expires 10/31/08) SS 8/10
$1/1 St. Ives bodywash or lotion (expires 10/31/08) SS 8/10

$1.50/1 St. Ives Elements (expires 11/30/2008) tear pad from Walgreen's beauty counter

Just for Men or Touch of Grey $7.99 get $2.00 ECB Limit 1
JFM $2 Printable
$8 Rebate

Aleve D Sinus & Cold or Sinus Headache $3.99 get $3.00 ECB Limit 1
Aleve, any 20 ct.+ .75 (10-31-08) V 7/27/08
$1 Aleve D Printable
More printables

Flex a Min, Natures Bounty
$5 off any Flex a min joint care product exp 12/31 (RP 9/7)
$1 off any nature bounty vitamin exp 12/31 (RP 9/7)

Relvon lip eye or nail, Almay foundation powder blush or concealer

Hersheys assortment 24. 40 oz bags

:: Other Deals

Johnsons Baby Powder, Oil, Wash, Shampoo, Bath, Easy Comb Spray, Balm, Washcloths Destin 2 oz $2.99

Enfamil or Simliac ready to feed 32 oz 2 / $10.99
Similac Ready-to-Feed, 32 oz. or any Similac Powder Infant Formula $1 (12-31-08) SS 5/11/08

CVS diapers jumbo packs $6.99

:: My Scenarios
Coming tonight!

Okay...That's all I've got... Now how 'bout you?
If you have worked out some scenarios this week - share the love and leave a linky! :)


BusyMom said...

The Alleve is a 10ct item, so the 20ct coupon you reference from the paper won't work for this deal.

Lisa said...

Hoping you can tell me. Does the 2/10 printable have to be in color for them to take it? TIA and thanks for the link!

esther said...

has anyone experienced losing all their ECBs? i lost my coupon + ECB portfolio last sat! I left it on the cart and my hubby didn't know and pushed the cart back after i made the purchase. I usually grab all my stuff with me at the end, but this time, the cart was not there next to me and i wasn't awared that i didn't have my portfolio. After couple of hours, i went back to the store, but the portfolio is gone. I figured if anyone saw it, they would have kept it as they see so many coupons and deals in there. Do you know if there's a way for me to get those back? as in call the store to see if anyone is trying to use my ECB by tracking my CVS card #? there is about $90 worth of ECBs in there!! :'(...someone help!!!

Mrs. J said...

hi esther! same thing happened to me a few weeks back at WAGS. DH left our coupon book at the cart while he was bringing in the other bags in the car. Another woman took my coupon binder and there were ecb's on it. CALL cvs customer service and tell them you lost your card and tell them to reset your ecb's. They have a record what ecb's haven't been spent. They will reset it and after 48 hours, you can get it. I also had my card cancelled for security purposes and all my balances and points from that card was transferred to a new card. Once I got my new card, I scanned it the coupon scanner and my ecb's printed. Prob is they totalled all my ecb's into 1 coupon. I hope my reply here helps! Also talk to the store and inform them of what happened. We talked to the manager about what happened and they reviewed their camera and saw a woman took the coupon binder. We have no way of knowing her identity. So we just went home and had to start again. I'm so sorry you lost your ecbs!

Cris said...

Just CVS in So Cal would not take the printable $2/$10 Q last night. =( So sad...I had the deals for the month worked out using it. Just wanted to give the heads up. The cashier said the system was getting smarter. =) God Bless.