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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FREE Air Freshener at Walgreens

Here's a sweet tip from Mecedes at Common Sense with Money!

Some newspaper inserts from this past Sunday had a coupon for buy one get one free Glade Scented Oil Plug in Warmers. These are buy one get one this week at Walgreens. You could get both for free!

If you buy four of these Friday and Saturday you can get $4 via rebate in the September Easy Saver catalog! Sweet!


The Hartmans said...

Great tip. I'm heading there today!!

Sue said...

Walmart also has these for 2.97 each and if you use the $4.00 coup from a while back -- makes it a moneymaker!!

Ronell said...

Thanks for the tip on Walmart Sue!

I also wanted to let your readers know about a hidden money maker at Walgreens! Check out my blog for more info


EndureMyWorld said...

I'm a Walgreen Newbie, and a couple of weeks ago I tried to get my feet wet.
And I'm already ready to give up.
I tried to do the Dove Shampoo BOGO deal with 2 coupons and I was told that I could only use 1.
Cashier-"Ma'am, the coupon says One Coupon Per Purchase."
Me-"I'm not trying to use two coupons on One item."
Cashier-"You can only use one for this transaction."
Me- "I am purchasing two. I interpret the meaning to be One coupon per item purchased. I am purchasing two items with two coupons on one transaction."
Cashier- "No it says One coupon per purchase."
Me- "You are the first cashier in over fifteen years of me grocery shopping that has told me that."

The manager on duty backed the cashier, and told me "This one time we will do it, but not again."

Has anyone else encountered this? Have I deluded myself?
I can not see how the Drugstore Divas get such great deals if they are allowed only coupon per transaction no matter the quantity they purchase.