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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dollar Tree - Online!

If you're like me you LOVE the Dollar Tree! I can always score great items for the treasure box at school and I love that I can buy decks of cards and dice to send home with the students in my class to play math games at home for homework! I don't have to worry if they have what they need and it doesn't cost a lot! I am always finding new ways to use the stuff at the Dollar Tree in my classroom - I'm known as the Dollar Tree Queen at school - I ALWAYS know whats in stock! =)

Well, if you're a NUT like me your going to LOVE this...

Go check out the Dollar Tree website. They have lots of items, and for a limited time, they will ship your order to your local Dollar Tree for free! (there’s usually a small shipping charge). Everything is $1 per piece or under. They have a range of stemware on their site (if you need stemware for a wedding, it’s almost cheaper than renting it!), storage boxes, toys, puzzles, coloring books (including Disney and Fisher Price), crayons, teaching supplies, art and craft supplies (perfect for donating to schools), wedding favors and boxes, children’s party favors, trays and platters, floral supplies and much more!

Thanks to The Affluent Pauper for this GREAT tip!


BusyMom said...

I was a little surprised though that you have to purchase it by the case and there doesn't appear to be a price break on the case. I'm not sure, other than to insure that you can get a large number, what the advantage is over just stopping at the store to pick up the items?

Jessica said...

It doesn't look like the deal it seems to me either, because when you read the fine print, it says that though the shipping is free, there is a $4.95 handling fee for all orders. Beware the fine print!

Laura said...

Just a general Dollar Tree question: does anyone know if their stores take coupons?

Sophia said...

No, they don't take coupons. HTH!

Alexandra said...

I love them as well. I had a great time today buying preschool learning items!

Anonymous said...

I love Dollar Tree. Their employees are always helpful, and the prices are amazing. I can get the same thing there for half the price of stores like WalMart!

mommaofthree said...

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