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Monday, July 14, 2008

Walgreen's Deals 7/13 - 7/19

:: Weekly Deals (Thanks to Crystal)

Colgate - on sale B1G1 with the in-ad coupon
Buy 2 and use 2 $1.50/1 coupons here or from the August All You magazine.
Use $2/1 coupon from July EasySaver booklet
Free plus possible overage!

Schick razors 10-pack - on sale for $5.99 each
Buy 2 and use one $5/1 coupon and one B1G1 coupon (from 07/13 insert)
Use $2 coupon from July EasySaver booklet
Free plus possible overage after coupons

Kotex - on sale $3 each
Buy 2, Get $2 Register Rewards back
Use 2 $1/1 coupons
$1/package after coupons and Register Rewards

Free Shampoo - Or Hold out and it's a MONEY MAKER!! (Thanks to Mercedes)
In Sunday's SmartSource insert (07/13) there was a coupon for B1G1 L'Oreal Vive Pro shampoo or conditioner. This same shampoo and conditioner is on sale B1G1 at Walgreens this month.

So, if you buy 2 and use 1 B1G1 coupon, you'll get two free! (The store will give you one free as part of their promotion and the coupon will give you one free from the manufacturer!)

Now for the *Money Maker* part: It's been reported that in the August version of the EasySaver catalog there will be an $1 off coupon for Loreal shampoo/conditioner. Suddenly, this offer turns into a moneymaker. The August version of the Easysaver catalog is usually available the last two days of the July period. You should be able to get overage by combining these coupons July 25th and 26th.

:: Baby Savins'

Keep an eye out at your local Walgreens for a coloring book like the one pictured HERE.
The cost is $0.99 and it contains $20 in savings in Walgreens coupons!!!

You can see all the coupons included and a picture of the coloring book (to make sure you get the right one!) at Common Sense with Money - thanks to Mercedes for sharing the LOVE!!! :)

:: Diaper Deal

Also, the Walgreens brand diaper deal is good all month:

Buy 3 packages of Walgreens diapers at $7.99 each
*Use $2/1 coupon from the Prescription Savings booklet (should take $2 off each pack) - I just walked right up to my pharmacy counter and said, "I heard you had a coupon book if I just asked," and they gave me one!

*Use $5/2 coupon from EasySaver July booklet (should take $2.50 off each pack)

*Get $5 Register Reward (this is advertised in the July EasySaver booklet so if for some reason it doesn't print, be sure to politely ask them to re-ring your order or give you the $5 on a gift card)
$1.82 per pack of diapers after coupons and Register Rewards

See the ad scans for this week here, courtesy of Hot Coupon World.

:: July Monthly Rebate Deals (thanks to Crystal)

Buy 1 Nature Made Rx Essentials at $9.99, Get $9.99 rebate
Use $1/1 coupon from 04/20 or 06/01 insert*
Free plus overage after coupon and rebate!

*From Bethany:

If you're a Nature Made member and have points banked, request your own $5 or $7 coupon from their website.

Buy 1 TheraBreath Starter Kit at $10.99, Get $10.99 Rebate
Free after rebate

Buy 1 Hebert's Fully Loaded Chocolate Bars (2.75 oz.) at $0.99, Get $0.99 Rebate
Free after rebate

New to shopping at Walgreens? Start here.

What deals did you see this week? What are you buying this week?


johnkasunic said...

I asked for the coupon book at the pharmacy and they had no idea what I was talking about but they gave me the coloring book with the coupons for free!!

I used my sunsilk coupons (expired yesterday ): ) to get free after rebate shampoo and stylers!!

Andrea said...

Hey Denise, another one I posted on was:

$1.69 Cutter Inspect Spray Bottle (1 oz). Coupon Match: $1 July IVC (page 15) PLUS the $1 Cutter coupon in the 6/15 Smart Source. Net Price: FREE with overage if your store allows it!

Lots of FREE bug spray!!!

cooking like a frugalite said...

I finally worked out my scenarios thanks to your and Crystal's posts. I'm looking at $38.70 worth of items for $7.13. I've detailed it out here: Thank you! Jennifer

Stacey said...

I tried to do the Loreal deal, but the woman handed me the coupon back and said that I was already getting one free! I tried to be non-chalant and said, Oh, well it has worked before! And she told me that it was illegal! Hmmmm?? Anyone know Walgreens official policy? I know that I have done the same type of transaction before- at Walgreens even! Should I complain, or just try another Walgreens/another cashier?

Sonia said...

CVS will have the shampoo B1G1 next week, so I'm going to use my coupon there.

miou said...

I tried to do the L'Oreal deal but it was a no-go at my Walgreen's. The cashier tried to make the coupon only worth $2.50 - not $4.99, so I left 'em. I'll save my coup for next week's CVS deal...

Cherie said...

I always love your posts. You're such a big help to me! Check out my site for what I got this week.

Mommie Wind said...

I had a great time today saving money at Walgreens. I made sure to read everyones tips and put them into action. I ended up saving $82.38 and only had to pay $5.65 oop.

Now that I am going back over my reciept some of the ES coupons didn't come off. Oh well, I will be back there later this week for some more deals.

Thanks Everyone,

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

The shampoo deal did not work at my Walgreen's either. The cashier's face turned red TWICE during my attempted transaction! I asked her to call her manager, and she did. He was willing to take the coupon if the cash register accepted it, but it did not. It said that I had not purchased the item. Maybe it was the order the transaction was done in?? I did not have any reason to explain why it should work, other than, "I read about it on the Internet." !! I'm stumped. Guess I'll try at CVS next week.