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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Passin' On Some Links and Deals

:: Farmer's Food BIG Money Saving Coupons
Great coupons for anyone living in Virginia or North Carolina!
3 Great Coupons for Farmer's Foods HERE
One of the coupons is for a free dozen eggs!!
To check to see if there is a Farmer's Foods near you click HERE
Thanks to Becky Walker!

:: Kroger Cereal Cost just $0.50 a box!!
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs Combos both on sale for $2
Print the $0.75 coupons for both of these on
(or if you love me - print it on the coupon bar on my left side bar -hehehe!)
If your store doubles you get each box for $.50!
- Thanks to Tammy Scott!

:: Staples Update
Did you read my post about CHEAP-O School Supplies HERE?
Well, the 25 limit isn't just for teachers but also home school families!
Just let them know!
Today is the last day for the deals this week though!
- Thanks to Tammy Scott!

:: Walgreens Diaper Deal Just Got Sweeter!

Buy 4 (the red or white packs of Walgreen's brand diapers) - 2/10.00
Use the $5.00/2 in the easy saver,
Get the $2.00 coupon from the pharmacy in the 50 saving book
Your Final Total: $2 + tax
You'll receive $5 Catalina to purchase whatever else you need!
- Thanks to Jacki Thomas!

The other nice thing about this deal is you can keep the coupons- Walgreen's doesn't keep their own coupons -only manufacturer's coupons! So you can do this as many times as you want!!

To get the $2 coupon from the pharmacy I just said, "I heard you had a coupon book I could have just for asking," and she handed me one! Easy Peasy!

:: Another Walgreen's Deal

The Kraft/Planters deal is great by itself (with the $3 off coupons)
But, Planters are part of the July Easy Saver Rebate program at Walgreen's
Buy $15 of Kraft products (Planters included) get $5 in the mail
- Thanks to Danelle Scott

If you send in for your Walgreens rebates online - you get to keep the receipt!
SO... You can send off for a Planter's Peanut ball cap with the form HERE
No shipping and handling - just your receipt and a stamp!
- Thanks to Jacki Thomas!

:: Free Organic Essentials Pocket Guide HERE
Thanks to Shannon Percey!


Mercedes said...

RE: Walgreens diapers. is that a hidden deal? I don't see that price advertised on the sales circular. If so, do you really have to buy two items to get that price? Or can you just buy one?

madeline said...


Anonymous said...

I tried to do the deal last week but after going to 3 Walgreens, none of them hand any idea about the coupon book from the pharmacy. I really need some diapers! Any ideas on another way to get my hands on this coupon?? Thanks!

MaryAnn said...

Thanks so much for the heads-up on the Staples deal for teachers. My husband teaches middle school drop-out prevention, and his students have very little in the way of home support, so we end up buying lots of classroom supplies for them. This was a great blessing!

Lisa said...

I was looking at the Kraft Promo (for the Planter's ball cap) and it doesn't say anything about sending in a receipt. All you need is the form and one correct UPC. Sounds easy enough to me!

Leah W said...

hi :)

you can get the pharmacy coupons in MI. I have and my Aunt has BUT the "2/$10" diaper deal mentioned in this post is NOT going on in MI


The Gobbles said...

More Kroger deals here:

Also my walgreens didn't have diapers marked on sale this week... Just coupons

Anonymous said...

What are y'all buying at WG for the planters $3.00 off Q? I can't seem to find anything small enough to make it really worthwhile.

lacy reyes said...

I went to Walgreens here in TX last night, and there was not a deal on the diapers, however they did have a lot of clearance diapers, wipes and other stuff! I got some wipes for a little over $1, and some NutriPals Granola bars that were marked down to $4.65 -$2 easysaver plus -$2Q from that coloring book making them a whole .65 cents!!