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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One More Coupon Give-Away! and a Give-Away Re-cap!

:: Coupon Give-Away #1
Meg at On Our Way is giving away 2 huge sets of coupons to 2 lucky winners!

One set is of 18 BABY coupons. The second set is 71 coupons and is a "mixed bag."

If you are interested go visit Meg HERE - but hurry it ends Thursday at 3!

:: Coupon Give-Away #2
Margaret at Hearts and Home is giving away coupons to 5 lucky winners!

Here are the categories: Formula: Enfamil or Good Start checks, baby food, diapers and wipes, training pants, Shampoos, Lotions, and shaving needs.

To get the details go HERE - she's announcing the winners on Wednesday morning!

:: Coupon Give-Away #3
Brooke at Young(ish) Mom of 4 Boys is giving away a bunch of coupons to one lucky winner!
Go HERE to enter. She is giving them away Friday and promises to mail 'em off by Saturday!
Good Luck!

:: Coupon Give-Away #4
Mercedes at Common Sense with Money is giving away FOUR SUPER SETS of coupons!! I am talkin' awesome I don't have 'em - you probably don't have 'em coupons! I wanna win so maybe you should just skip this one! hehehe! =)
Go HERE to enter for baby coupons and HERE to enter for grocery coupons.

:: Coupon Give-Away #5- New!
Trish at Saving Money Ideas is giving away 3 lots of coupons - including some Friendly's coupons!
All you have to do is go to here blog HERE
Leave her a comment or a suggestion for her blog and viola! you will be entered to win!
This give-away ends Saturday!

:: Coupon Give-Away #6
Mindi at Moms Need to Know has an ongoing coupon give-away. It is just first come first served. Go check it out and if there are any you want just leave her a comment!
To see the list go HERE

And, don't forget to enter to win the E-book: 100 Ways to Save Money right HERE at my blog!

And don't forget to check back soon because I have 2 more exciting give-aways coming soon!! I Love Free stuff - and I bet you do too! =)

1 Comment:

Mindi said...

Hi Denise!

Just wanted to let you know that I am also having a coupon giveaway of my own on my contest,'s just first come-first served!

Just go to and click on the "Coupon Giveaway" tab at the top.!