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Friday, July 18, 2008

CVS Superstars!!

Here's what I scored this week:

I did 2 transactions - used up some ECBs but got some stuff I needed - FREE - so I wouldn't have to swing by the grocery store!

Transaction #1:
2 Airwick Minis $4.99 each
1 Gal. milk (not pictured) $4.39
Total: $14.37
Used (2) Airwick printable coupons $4 each
Used $3/$15
Spent $3 in ECBs
OOP: $0.79
Earned: $0 ECBs

Transaction #2:
1 Gain Detergent $4.99
2 Sally's Nail Polishes $0.99 each
1 CVS Make-up Remover $2.99
1 Handsanitizer Spray $1.99
1 Lays Chips $3.79
Total: $14.75
Used $3 Sally's coup (only took off $1.98)
Used Free Handsanitizer coupon
Used $2 CVS skincare coupon
Used $3/$15 CVS coupon
Spent: $6 ECBs
OOP: $1.09
Earned: $3 ECBs

So, in total I got $29.12 worth of merchandise for $1.88 OOP!!
I spent $9 in ECBs and got $3 ECBs back.

:: Now it's your turn! I can't wait to see how you did this week! I love to see all the creative couponing! :)

You can post from now until Saturday at Midnight!! Just post about your great CVS adventures at your site and then leave a link here! Didn't go to CVS this week, leave a link anyway and tell us WHY you didn't visit the best store ever this week. The only thing I ask is that you link me at your post! Just say something at the end of your post like... Want to see more CVS savings? Visit the "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS Superstars!... and link my name back to this post!

Still not sure how? Email me and I will help!

And, don't be shy if you don't have a blog....we want to hear about your adventures at CVS too! Leave a comment!

Want to see what you missed last week? Check out last week's CVS Superstars HERE!

AND, come back Saturday to see the CVS deals and My Scenarios for next week! Yippee!!! I *heart* CVS!!!


Chris said...

Boy do I wish there was CVS closer than an hour drive from my home. **sigh** After reading about all their great deals I went on their site and signed up to become an ExtraCare member so I can try to score at least an occassional deal when I'm in that area. :)

I'm enjoying reading about the deals that other bloggers have gotten though.

erin said...

So does your subtotal not have to equal $15 to use the 3/15 coupon? I've tried it once & they told me it has to equal $15.

Brandy said...

This week was such a great week at CVS. I hope next week will be good too.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Have you had any problems using the $3/$15 with the $2/1 CVS Skincare Q? I wanted to use the two together, but a friend told me her's beeped and they refused to use them together because it said "not to be used with any other CVS Coupons" on the Skincare one.

I would like to try the two together, but want to be prepared if it beeps. My cashiers aren't the friendliest with coupon usage.



Jessica said...

I have never been to CVS before, but after reading about it on your blog I decided to try it out. Here is what I bought this week, through 6 transactions in 3 separate trips:

1 nail polish
2 bags of candy
2 packages tampons
2 packages panty liners
3 small lotions
3 Kodak photobooks
4 Colgate toothpastes
4 foaming hand soaps
4 Edy's ice cream
16 Skippy peanut butters (gave some to the Salvation Army as I heard they were short on PB this year)

My total OOP for all transactions was $13.65! I used up the last of my ECB's to buy the ice cream for a bday party this weekend. It was so fun to see how much I could get for so little! Thanks so much for your help with this!
Jessica T

Bethany said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry...but I linked to the wrong post! Do you mind deleting my link #40. I'll add it again later.

By the way, your blog has been very helpful to me. I've only been doing this for two weeks and your blog is a favorite! :D

Aren't you a schoolteacher? So am I! :D

Penny-pinching Mom said...

I love it when CVS pays me to take stuff out of their store!

Anonymous said...

Ok This is my first time posting but I got such a good deal this week I just had to tell. For the first time I actually got good coupons out of that coupon printer (at the CVS store) and I matched them up with manufacturers coupons and it paid off. I actually made $4.73 cents off this deal and I got losts of pain releiver and stomache remedies for a while now.

I just did 1 transaction. Here is what I got

2 bottles of Maalox Liquid 5.49

1 Box Excedrin 100 tablets 10.29

------------------subtotal 21.27

I used: $3.00/15 cvs coupon
1.50 maalox manufactures
1.50 maalox manufacturers
5.00/2 maalox CVS coupon
2.00 excedrin manufacturer
3.00 excedrin CVS coupon
$5.00 in EXTRA BUCKS

--------TOTAL .27 (yes cents!)

And I received $10 in extra bucks for the remedies.

I made a $4.73 profit!

triptar said...

i've never left a comment here either. my friend just linked me to this site after i told her the greta deal i got at cvs yesterday. i found huggies diapers in the clearance aisle!! i got 2 packs (about $12 each reg) at 75% clearance, used 2 $1 off manufacturer's coupons, used $2.48 ECBs...I paid $1.26 OOP!!! for 2 packs of huggies!!!