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Monday, June 2, 2008

Tips for Saving Money!

Today I have two tips for saving money.

However, I can't take the credit for these great ideas.

First visit this site from MSN. Once you're there enter your zip code and it will immediately tell you what the gas prices are in your area and who has the cheapest gas!


Second, Amanda at Only on Sale has a post entitled: "7 ways reading blogs are saving me money!"

She probably does a lot of the same things you are doing. However she's got a couple of great links to some resources I am anxious to look in to!

How 'bout you? How are you saving money? Do you have a great resource you're using...come on now...don't hold out on us! :)


Helene said...


So far the blogs are what has saved me the most money. I started with yours and followed link after link. I can't believe I used to spend money on things :-) Saturday I got 8 boxes of the Honey Bunches of Oats w/choc for 50c ea thanks to you posting that coupon and a sale that popped up this week at Jewel (and having multiple pc's avail. at work!) and 6 Buddies soaps for free. With a sale I got 4 Ken's salad dressings and 4 sprays free just because you all post those. That's just three things but you all have enabled me to buy things I never would've thought I could. I have loads for the local food pantry and also my daughter lives in poverty in KY with another grandbaby so it has also allowed me to send her more and also the freebies I can have sent to her. I used to buy one overpriced cereal at a time, now I have LiveActive, Smart Start and HBO all over.

The only other thing I have done is watch Food4Less which has Kroger items. The sales can be great thought I haven't mastered coupons there yet. But I got the Kool Aid tubs for $1 and just the Kroger items alone are huge money savers and great quality (and often on sale without notice). My local fruit store is great for meat and fresh fruits and veggies.

It's been 25 years since I have had a little kid around and for the past year I have had my grandson who turns three next week (on my college graduation, 31 years after trying since high school). The moms who blog have been great-for savings and for ideas. This is all new to me again.

You all are a blessing to some of us :-)

Mrs. J said...

hi i have a question. Ive tried to calcualte the sales tax for my scenarios but when I checked my other recipets, the tax doesn't add up. Like for example my SUbtotal was 0.72 plus tax of .20 (6.75%)...Where in the world did they get 0.20? can you please help me. I want to make the exact amounts in my scenarios so I dont mess up

Motherhood Moment said...

I of course have my own blog, where I post my savings and tips frequently. Other blogs help, and so does being a math person - being able to maximize price-per-ounce in the grocery store really helps!

OnlyOnSale said...

Thanks so much for linking me!! :)

Alexandra said...

Besides wonderful blogs like your own, I use as a shopping portal. They give you money back for shopping. Best of all, they have ebay as one of their shopping sites. I get back 36% of the sellers fees everytime I shop ebay through them. Not a huge amount, but every bit helps. Most of the other stores have better rebates.

I also shop through my Discover card portal for cash back savings. They have a shopping portal with a limited listing of stores. It's limited, but the cash back percentages are higher than most shopping rebate sites. And no, I don't have to pay interest on my balances...I pay off my balance every month in full. I just have it for the cash back savings.