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Monday, June 2, 2008

*HOT* New $3/$15 CVS Coupon!!! YIPPPEEE!!

$3/$15 coupon fresh off the presses from yesterday's Beacon Journal newspaper! And unlike the recent NewsDay coupon, this coupon can be used by anyone (not just paid newspaper subscribers) since the free two-week trial subscription to the newspaper is available to everyone. Yay!

Here's how to get your coupon:

::Go here to sign up for your free two-week trial to The Beacon Journal (it's a simple process and requires only your name, email, mailing address, etc.--no payment info needs to be given).

::Confirm your subscription by clicking on the link in your email.

::Download the June 1, 2008 edition. You'll need to click on the arrow and it will take a little while to download.

::Go to page A9.

::Select and highlight the $3/$15 coupon to print. And there you have your very own $3/$15 coupon to use at CVS!It's good through June 14, 2008.

This coupon can be used legally by anyone who signs up for their own free subscription to this newspaper and downloads their own coupon. There are no restrictions on it besides the usual restriction that it can only be used once per transaction, however, each individual store can choose to limit the usage of it to one per customer.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!


Christy said...

so does this take awhile to get cause i signed up hours ago and i have not gotten anything in my inbox or my spam folder???

leighannie said...

Just a print tip....zoom in on the page to 125%, then scroll down to the q. Then hit Ctrl + P. In the box select Current View (you should see the q in the preview window). Then click OK. This should print mostly the q. Hope this works/helps everyone!

Momma2Mia said...

This is just a question ... why does everyone seem to want the $3/15 for CVS so much .. dosen't everyone get the $5/25 all the time .. I know I do ...and its the same ratio $1 off for every $5 spent ..I'm just courious/confused

I'm fairly new to the CVSing but that's the one thing that I'm not really understanding .. wouldn't that mean you would just have to do less transactions? thats not a bad thing is it?

Karen said...

Leighannie...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'd been fighting with that FOREVER! You were a great help!

Momma2mia...I have never EVER gotten my hands on a 5/25 so ANY of the $/$$ I'm ecstatic to get, and these 3/15 seem to come around at least where I can get them.