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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Target Deals 6/29 - 7/5

I am part of BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering. Each week you can see the Target deals here (every Sunday night)! If you want to see other great deals at other grocery stores, be sure to check out the grocery gathering! (Click on the picture!)

Get your Target coupons here
Thanks to A Full Cup!

Also don't forget! Target coupons and Manufacturer's coupons can be "stacked." Meaning: you can use 1 Target coupon and 1 man. coupon for each item! = BIG SAVINGS!!! :)

Here's the Deal-io this Week!

Sunkist, AW Root Beer, Canada Dry, and 7Up 12 packs will be on sale 3 for $7.

Use 3 of the $1 off coupons HERE
Final Price: $1.33 each
Bonus: You will also get a free 1.5 quart Edy's Ice Cream for free when you buy 3 of the 12 packs!

Pepperidge Farms buns and Hotdogs are 2/$4
Use the $0.75/1 Target Coupon HERE (for buns)
Final Price: $1.25 each

Sure Deoderant $1.99
$1.50/1 Sure with Natural Extracts coupon from newspaper insert (exp. 8/16)
$1.50/1 Sure coupon from newspaper insert (exp. 8/16)
Printable $1/1 coupon HERE
BOGO coupon from this week's insert!!
$1/1 Sure coupon from this week's insert
Use 'em together and you stand to get 2 for $1 or less!!

Pampers Super Mega Pack $16.99 each
Use with $5 off Target coupon (must buy 180 ct. wipes too) HERE

GE 60W- equivalent compact flourescent bulb (energy smart)
Use with $2 off Target coupon HERE
Final Price: $3

Honey Nut Cheerios 4 for $9
Use with $1 coupon HERE
Final Price: $1.25 each

Tostitos 2/$5
Use with $0.55/1 when you buy 1 Tostitos dip (exp 8/23) from newspaper insert

Pepsi Products (12 pk cans) 4/$11

Doritos are $1.88

All 4 pack energy drinks are $5.99
$1 off Amp or Sobe Energy 4 packs Target coupon HERE
Final Price: $4.99

Some On-Going Deals...

Ziplock sandwich bags (25 count) in the check out aisle for $1.00.
$1/1 PRINTABLE coupon HERE

$1/1 coupon in 4/27/08 SS
$1.50/2 coupon in 6/8/08 SS
$1.00/1 coupon in 6/8/08 SS
$1.00/2 coupon in 5/18/08 SS2
Final Price: FREE!!
Thanks to Attention Target Shoppers!

Clean and Clear (trial sized) - $0.97
PRINTABLE $2/1 coupon HERE
PRINTABLE $3/2 coupon
Final Price: Free plus possible overage after coupon

Shout wipes (Travel Size) $0.97
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.22

All Small and Mighty (Travel Size) $1.00
Use with $1/1 man. coupon or printable here
Final Price: FREE!

Degree Deodorant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $1/1 Man. coupon
Final Price: Overage! -$0.01

Dove Deodorant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.24

Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover Kit ($9.99 approx. - Thanks Lindsay!)
Use $4/1 Target coupon
Stack with $4/1 coupon here (Thanks, Heather!)
Final Price: $1.99

1 Bag of Goodlife Cat Food $4.89
Use $2/1 insert coupon and $2/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $0.89 cents
Thanks to Crazy Coupon Mom!

Lea & Perrins Worchestire Sauce is on sale for $1.79.
Use the $1/1 Target coupon.
Combine with the .55 /1 coupon from the Sunday paper insert.
Final price is $0.24
Thanks to More than Enough!

These are some great deals thanks to Money Saving Mom!

Schick Razors (trial sized) - $0.97
Use the $2/1 coupon from the 5/11 SmartSource insert
Free plus possible overage! (Thanks, Angie!)

Band-Aids - (SpongeBob, Miss Kitty, and a few others only) - $1
Use $1/1 from 05/18 inserts
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo (trial sized) - $0.89
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Johnson's Buddies Soap - $0.99
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon

Tylenol (trial sized) - $1
Use $1/1 coupon here
Free after coupon (Thanks, Kristin!)

Use the $1/1 Archer Farms Deli cheese coupon here and buy cheese in $1 amounts to get it free!
You'll need to figure out the weight which would make it $1. Based upon the typical price of $4.99-$6.99 a pound, you'd ask for anywhere from 0.15 pound to 0.20 pound. You can get multiple bags per visit (some stores have a limit of 3 to 5 of the same Target coupons per visit, though) and end up with lots of free cheese!

Now it's your turn to share the love! If you notice any other deals please let me know so I can "spread the good news!" :)


Anonymous said...

Ziplock printable coupon is $1/2, not $1/1. Or is there really a $1/1 printable coupon?

Marie said...

Just got back from Target, and ours had Kashi GoLean in a twin pack for $5, and on the front of the package is a sticky for a free half-gallon of any flavor Silk Soymilk. So for $5 you get 2 boxes cereal and 1/2 gallon soymilk. Add in any coupons you have and its a great deal!

Aprel said...


The free Ice cream WYB 3 12 packs of A&W/ Sunkist seems to be a regional thing. That is not the case here in the DFW area. :( I was sooo looking forward to Root Beer Floats.


Jody said...

Trying to work the HN Cheerios thing...but it will only let me print out two coupons. How did you print out four? At least you'd have to print out four to get them for $1.25, so I only assume...

Anonymous said...

we just came from a traget in california and they now have a signs posted at the registers that the "full cup" coupons are fraudulent and cannot be used at all. I used some maybe 1 1/2 weeks ago, i am not sure when they posted this sign. does anyone know anything about this???

Jesabella said...

My Target here in Orlando said I could only use 1 of the soda coupons at a time. I am going to call corp on Monday to find out the deal. The woman (manager) made a scene telling me I was using fraud coupons and I was basically stealing. Completely shocked! I just paid and left! Not usually like me but it seems it is the week for this!

Cindy said...

I used the coupon for $1 off Archer Farms chips and got the 89 cent bags in the checkout aisle, making them free plus 11 cents overage per bag. I got 6 bags. Love it. I put the story on my site.