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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red Box Codes and A Step By Step Guide!

If you haven't tried Red Box yet - go get your keys and GO NOW!!

Really, the rentals are only $1 a day (if you pay for them- we'll get to that later). That is WAY cheaper than any other rental place. There are always LOTS of choices too. There is always at least a handful of movies my husband and I want to see.

The best part is you can rent with a promo code and the movie is FREE (for one night). There is always a FREE CODE on Mondays and there are also other Free Codes! Check 'em out here.
I also have one at the bottom of this post to try!

Not Sure How? Here's a Step By Step Guide!

1. Go to any place that has a Red Box. Not sure... search for a location HERE.

2. (It has a touch screen) touch the button on the left bottom corner that says "rent with a promo code"

3. Enter your code (See below for one to try!)

4. Select your movie

5. Swipe your credit card - because they want to know who to charge it to if you skip the country and never return it! :)

6. Take your movie home and enjoy! Just be sure to return it before 9 p.m the next night to keep it FREE! Every day it is late it will just cost you a buck though!

I went yesterday and today (two different locations) and used the code Flagit. It worked both times (because I used a different credit card each time).

Need a Recommendation?
Each Tuesday they add new movies to the Red Box machine. This Tuesday Bucket List was added. Last night we rented it and it was very good if you haven't seen it. It wasn't what I expected. It IS funny, but it is also a little deeper than that. I give it two thumbs up! :)

What are you waitin' on ... date night can be tonight! :)


bethann929 said...

We just discovered a new RedBox at the convenience store at the end of our street, so I sent hubby there after work with the FLAGIT code. We got our first free rental last night. (Why couldn't he pick a movie that sounded even vaguely interesting???, but that's another story....) Thanks for turning me on to this, though!!!

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

We FINALLY have a Redbox! I am so excited!!!

bethann929 said...

I'm so excited by this new Redbox. My husband went earlier this week- I went again using the same code and my debit card for the credit card- we got another free movie and had family movie night of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' last night. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

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