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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reader Question - Needs Your Help!

Yesterday I got this email from a reader and I asked her if I could share it with you!
I haven't run into this problem before, but maybe you have and could offer up some advice!

::Here's what the email said:

I love your blog and it has inspired me on my God honoring, money saving journey. I'm an avid coupon stacker. However, I face a challange with manufacturers rebates, I have a PO Box. Many rebates clearly state "Rural or Street Addresses Only" or "PO Boxes not accepted". I live in a town where I can only have a PO Box and it really bums me out (and makes me annoyed) that I miss out on a lot of freebies because I am required to have a PO Box. Do any of your other readers have this problem? Do you (or others) know if contacting the company would help?

I participated in a rebate that was PO Box only (I missed that part) they sent me the receipts, UPCs and form back without a check to my PO Box. I emailed them and said that I was really annoyed they could send my stuff back to the PO Box but not my check. They then gave me a different address to send my rebate form to and eventually sent me my check.

I was just reminded of this today when I read the form for the "Try Me Free" offer for Blueberry Mini-Wheats. Again, I can't partcipate, so I decided to see if you and your awesome readers could offer me some help.


I told her that one of the reasons companies will not allow P.O. Boxes is because they are afraid of fraud. You could have more than one P.O. box and get multiple rebates, or have one sent to you home address and one to your P.O. box and recieve multiple rebates. But, what if you are like Katie and CANNOT recieve mail at your physical address? Does anyone else have this problem? What did YOU do?

If you have advice for Katie please leave a comment! Thanks for your help!


Helene said...

I don't have this problem but I have seen others get around it or use a street address instead of saying they have a po box (businesses) by using the post office's street address along with their box number. You could possibly write it as:
Jane Doe
123 Main St #345 (PO's address plus box number)
Try mailing yourself an envelope and see what happens or ask the PO
As a last resort you could try since they have double lines for addresses:
Jane Doe
123 RR #4
PO Box 123 or just Box
Anytown USA 12345 said...


I don't know where you live but If you can find a UPS store or a maybe another mail store, you can pay for a PO box with them. The difference is they will have your box as a physical address so it won't say PO box. I know small towns may not have this. But maybe a neighboring town would. Maybe you can call one of these places and they can forward your mail from this location. It does cost. I think my UPS office wanted 13 dollars a month.

My other thought would be to ask a friend in town without a PO box to collect your mail.
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barbara said...

I'm not sure that you want to do this but if you have a relative that has a regular address send your rebates there instead.

Jen said...

I have a PO Box, but I have rebates sent to my dad and he collects them for me until I see him (about 1x a week). Some companies who ship via UPS will not ship to a PO Box either, so I also have to have those sent to my dad as well.

Lindsey said...

I have the same situation. If they wont accept my PO Box as an address... I usually will put my physical address in the first line with Box ### in the second and leave out the PO.
My post office understands that we sometimes have to manipulate the system. So as long as I have the number of my PO Box on the address with my physical address they don't mind.
I am sure the companies see the box number as someone who may live in an apartment complex.
Good luck!

Frugal Finds said...

All post office will let you also use their street adress. You can use your name and the post office street address plus ad box XXX to the address. this should work without a problem.
Frugal Carol

Auntnetto said...

In the town I live in (which is really small) I just put my physical address on the form and when they send it the PO puts it in my PO Box. Maybe others do this as well?

April said...

I have done the same as Aunt Netto -- put the physical address on the form and the post office puts it in the PO Box.

Silversusan said...

I lived in a small upstate NY town which required everyone in town to use a "free" PO box so that they didn't have to deliver in town. We just put our address on the first line and the box on the second. We always got our mail this way. If it's a small enough Post Office, they're used to this.

John Doe
234 Main Street
#280 (instead of PO Box 280)
Yourtown, NY 1XXX2