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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Wal-Mart Deals!

Two Sweet Deals ...One in the store & one On-line!!

:: Need Fourth of July Gear?

Wal-mart has some really cute Patriotic T-Shirts for $2.00 (kids) and $3.00 (adults).
Thanks to Way More 4 Way Less for the heads up and the photo!

:: Got a Hannah Montana Fan? currently has several Hannah Montana T-shirts for $4.00 each.

Shipping is only .97. Some items are shipped free with in store pick-up.

Here are the item numbers, you can just pop them into the search box below to view each item.

8827951 - the one pictured here

8827952 () 8466772 () 8827950 () 8827955
8827954 () 8827953 () 8811801 () 8811802
8303978 - tote bag
8303977 - tote bag

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You can see all the Wal-Mart deals (grocery, household, pets, etc)


Catherine said...

Where do you get the All You magazine? I have read it a couple of times you get them at Wal-Mart - just where????

Denise Sawyer said...

They should be near the checkout (you might have to check a couple of lines)where all the other mags are on display. Another place to look is in the actually aisle with the magazines.

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Meghan said...

I'm new to the coupon thing... I was wondering - it's fine to use two of the same coupon in one transaction? Do all stores allow it?


Denise Sawyer said...

Yes you can use two (or more)of the same coupon in one transaction as long as you have the same number of items - example 2 boxes of popsicles and 2 coupons - NOT 1 box of popsicles and 2 coupons.

Hope that helps!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer