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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great Store Tips at Other Blogs!

Here are a few great tips from a few blogs I read:

Lisa at Cents To Save has a Walgreens tip:

Walgreen's has a great opportunity for you to make a little money this month. Theragran-M vitamins are on sale this month for $4.99!
Also, Walgreen's is making this free with their Free After Rebate program for the month of June.

Use with a coupon for an even sweeter deal!
Walgreen's pharmacy has available a trifold flyer full of coupons that are valid until December 2008. In this flyer is a coupon good for $4.00 dollars off of the Theragran-M vitamins.
When you use this coupon and then submit your monthly rebates you will make 4.00 dollars on the deal.

Where Can you find the coupon?
Ask the pharmacist for the coupons... I found mine at a newer store and they had lots of them.
Niki at Free 2 B Frugal Has a Dollar Tree Tip:

Have Frugal Fun Playing Dress Up!
Dollar Tree has some great dress-up stuff now! We bought a treasure chest and filled it up with pirate stuff (hat, eye patch, hook, periscope) and cowboy stuff (hat, sheriff's badge, hobby horse, bandana).

They also had ninja stuff, police stuff, clown stuff, and hula girl stuff. They also had oodles of plastic high heels, tiaras, and sparkly jewelry!


Caseyfam05 said...

If you use coupons at the time of check, lets say on Zoust, will you still get a rebate check for the full amount or on what you paid for the item??? I have several Zousts I want to share this with family and friends!!!

Denise Sawyer said...

Yes you will get the FULL rebate. Rebates make money if you use 'em with a coupon!

Have fun!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Niki said...

thanks for the link love!


lindsay_2181 said...

HELP!! I bought a subzero can cooler which I'm almost 100% sure it's the 24 can one that has a $3 rebate this month....only I lost or threw away my receipt. Am I just screwed or is there anything I can do? I took the tags off the cooler, it doesn't say how many cans it holds on the outside of it.....but I THINK it's the right one. I used my debit card, do you think WAGS could reprint a receipt?? Thanks! If you can, just reply to my blog.