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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free Food Links O - R

If you missed it... I've started posting Free Food Links.
These are thanks to Goob at Hey It's Free!
These are restaurants that will give you something free on your birthday, and if it is an e-club they'll send you a coupon right away - just for signing up!

HERE's the link to post A - C and HERE's the link to post D - F and HERE's the link to post G - J and HERE's the link to K - N.

O’Charley’s - I remember getting quite a few free desserts over the years from them! They have an E-News club that you can sign up at to get the coupons.
Old Country Buffet - Join the Mega Bar Meal club and get not only a free meal on your birthday, but a free meal just for signing up!
Olive Garden - Free dessert if you sign up?
On The Border - Free appetizer if you sign up.
Outback Steakhouse - Free dessert or appetizer
P.B. Loco - Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll receive coupons periodically for free stuff, as well as coupons for free stuff when your B-day rolls around.
Perkin’s - Free bakery goodie on birthdays for kids under 12.
P.F. Chang’s - Free cake or cheesecake via their e-mail list.
Poncho’s - Free meal, dessert & picture
Provino’s Italian Restaurant - Free $10.99 meal and ice cream dessert
Qdoba Mexican Grill - Join their eClub and get a free burrito on your birthday, as well as free chips n’ salsa just for joining up.
Quizno’s - Join their mailing list and get a free birthday gift (I think this means coupons?)
Red Lobster - Free slice of cake if you join their Overboard Club.
Red Robin - Free Hamburger if you sign up for Eclub.
Rock Bottom - Free appetizer for Mug Club members.
Round Table - Free personal pizza
Ruby Tuesday - Sign up in advance and they’ll send you something!
Ryan’s - Join the Mega Bar Meal club and get not only a free meal on your birthday, but a free meal just for signing up!

Do you know of another restaurant that I have missed? If so, leave a comment or email me and I'll add it! (I'll even give you credit!)

1 Comment:

Christy said...

another awesome thing about ocharleys is 2 kids eat free with one paying adult so when my family goes all 4 of our kids eat free just me and my husband have to pay we love it there just for that cause its all day every day not just a certain day of the week!!