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Friday, May 30, 2008

Free Food G - J

If you missed it... I've started posting Free Food Links.
These are thanks to Goob at Hey It's Free!
These are restaurants that will give you something free on your birthday, and if it is an e-club they'll send you a coupon right away - just for signing up!

HERE's the link to post A - C and HERE's the link to post D - F.

On to restaurants G - J!

Glory Days Grill - Free sundae on your birthday if you sign up in advance.
Gold Star Chili - Get a free dessert on your birthday, plus a free treat on your anniversary of joining up AND a free appetizer just for joining.
Golden Corral - Free meal to Birthday Club members during the month of birthday (And many people say this isn’t limited to just kids!)
Gordon Biersch - They say you get a special “e-gift” on your birthday, but what the heck does that mean? Anybody want to sign up for this and let us know what they get?
Grillfish - Free meal
Hard Rock Cafe - Free dessert
Hometown Buffet - Join the Mega Bar Meal club and get not only a free meal on your birthday, but a free meal just for signing up!
Hooters - Free song & T-shirt (Pretty soon here I’m going to have an entire outfit!) If you live on the west coast, there’s even a Hooters Club for you to join up with.
Houlihan’s - Free coupon for an entree during your next visit up to a week after b-day (Kinda complicated…but free!)
Joe’s Crab Shack - Free cake if you join their club.
Juice It Up - They promise to give you a “birthday gift” but their website doesn’t say what it is. Might be worth signing up for though.

Did I miss some? Email me or leave a comment!