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Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Those of You Interested in Sending Expired Coups to the Military

For all of you who have requested the info on sending expired coupons to the military...

(This is a re-post of an earlier post I did)

I read an article at that said:

"There are several military family support centers overseas who offer coupon exchanges. The military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer's cents-off coupons for up to three months past their printed expiration dates. What a treasure it is to know that our expired coupons can mean a real difference to the families who have dedicated and sacrificed a part of their lives for the sake of our country."

If you are interested then you should visit this site (the Overseas Coupon Program official site). It has info on who to send them to, who is in need, address, and packaging. It answered all my questions.

Hope that Helps You Help Others!! :)


OnlyOnSale said...

This is a great idea :)

........................................ said...

I just blogged on this. I did not know about this site... now I need to figure out how to go back an add it. THANKS!

Deal Mama Belle said...

Ouu thanks so much! I appreciate the info.

Deal Mama Belle said...

A few questions? Which base do you send to? Just curious. About how much does it cost to send them overseas? I have never sent just an envelope in the mail overseas... I think I'll do Vilseck cause the site said they need it the most, and they have a small amount of sponsers. Thanks again hun.

Marin... said...

Check out the button I have on my blog: "Coupons for Troops". I send my expired coupons to "The Happy Housewife" and she sends them on to the military overseas. No need to worry about overseas postage.

Erika said...

thank you for posting this.... I have been wanting to send off my expireds but didn't know where to send them!