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Thursday, June 12, 2008

CVS Skincare Coupon! $2 off - Could Score You Some Free Stuff!

Here is a new coupon you an use at CVS!!!

$2 off CVS Skincare beauty handbook coupon
(be sure to print at about 50%. 100% is huge!)

You can use it on this month's June deal for CVS Cotton Swabs 500 ct,
which are advertised on the website as $3.19 (but at some stores for $3.29),
Get $2 ECB back
Final Price: $0.81 PROFIT after ECBs!

Here are some Other items you can buy for FREE with the coupon:

CVS Beauty Bar soap 2 packs were $1.99 and in the following "flavors"
(they seem to be a generic Dove soap.)

Exfoliating, White, Cool Moisturizing, Sensitive Skin

CVS Emerald Mist Deodorant Soap 3 Pak in Aloe Vera or Hydrating Burst

CVS Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisture Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49

EOB loofah bath sponge $1.99

CVS Advanced Healing Fragrance Free Lotion 97 ML $1.49

CVS Mild Hypoallergenic Baby Oil 4 oz $1.49

CVS Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion 3.3 oz $1.49

Many types of CVS hand sanitizers and liquid hand soaps are priced $1.19-$1.99

These items were a little more than $2, but they end up being cheap after the Q, and could make good fillers.

CVS Kid's Body Wash $2.99

CVS Sunblock lotion SPF 30 2 oz- $2.19

CVS Medicated Apricot Scrub $2.99

CVS Hydrating Body Wash w/ essential oils 12 oz $2.99

CVS Moisturizing Body Wash 12 oz $2.99 in the following flavors...
- Ocean Breeze
- Cucumber Melon
- Milk & Honey
- Lavender and Camomille
- Pure Silk

Thanks to I Heart CVS & A Full Cup!


OnlyOnSale said...

wow! this is so hopeful!

Jesabella said...

I sanyone else having problems printing htis. I print at 50% but it cuts off the bar caode. That's hwy I haven't posted it yet. Thanks for the help!

Amy Elizabeth said...

Does the $2 skincare work on items less than $2?

Jessica said...

Thanks for the heads up, this is going to work perfect for one of my deals this week!

I had to reduce mine to 30% (I think) to get it to print with the bar code.

Jesabella said...

Thank you I will try that again!

Marin said...

What are the rules for using this coupon? I had a $1/1 CVS sunscreen coupon that I couldn't use with any other CVS coupon. Anyone know what coupons I can use together with this one?

Nikki said...

Thanks for this coupon! They had the CVS Skin Firming Lotion on clearance for 2.49 at my store and I really needed lotion. I was happy to pay .49 for a 15.5 oz bottle of something I needed.

Anonymous said...

I used the coupon today for CVS' version of Brut.. it generated ecbs :) total profit!

I also used the $3 off $10 CVS brand purchase (got through coupon printer) and bought the sale q-tips, which also generated ecbs!

Heather said...

thank you!! I just saw (and bought) the magazine that the paper copy of this comes in for the first time today. I also saw a coupon scanner/printer for the first time ever today!!!!! It was out of order, but now I know they are not an urban legend!!!!