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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Target Deals 5/25 - 5/31!

I am part of BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering. Each week you can see the Target deals here (every Sunday night)! If you want to see other great deals at other grocery stores, be sure to check out the grocery gathering! (Click on the picture!)

Get your Target coupons here
Thanks to A Full Cup!

Also don't forget! Target coupons and Manufacturer's coupons can be "stacked." Meaning: you can use 1 Target coupon and 1 man. coupon for each item! = BIG SAVINGS!!! :)

So here's the deal-io!

Here's some great non-food items that are at GREAT prices!

Towels on sale for $3.00 and $4.74!

Twin Comforter $13!!

CUTE flip-flops $9.99

Okay - on to the other Deals!

Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner $2.94
Use with $2/2 Target Coupon
Match it with $1/1 herbal Essence Man. Coupon (expires 5/31/08)
Final Price: $0.94 each

Archer Farms Chips are 2/$4
Use with $1/2 Target Coupon
Final Price $1.50 each

Archer Farms 20 pack of 20 oz. Bottled Water 2 for $9
Use with $1/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: $3.50 for 20 - 20 oz. bottles

Archer Farms Nuts 2 for $7
Use with $0.50/1 Target Coupon
Final Price: $3 each

Ziploc Bags and Containers are 2 for $5
Printable $1/2 Coupon HERE
Final Price 2/$4

Purex Laundry Detergent 2/$5
Use with $1/1 coupon (expires 5/31/08)
Final Price: $1.50 each!

Lays Cheetos Cracker Trax 2/$6
$1/1 Lays Cracker Chips and Cracker Trax coupons in SS 5/18/08
$1/1 Target coupon Lays Cracker Crisps
Final Price $1 each

Shout wipes (Travel Size) $0.97
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.22

All Small and Mighty (Travel Size) $1.00
Use with $1/1 man. coupon or printable here
Final Price: FREE!

Bourdreaux's Butt Paste (Travel Size - 3 one use packs) $0.99
Use with $1/1 printable here
Final Price: Overage! -$0.01

Degree Deoderant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $1/1 Man. coupon
Final Price: Overage! -$0.01

Dove Deoderant (Travel Size) $0.99
Use with $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.24

GE Energy Smart bulb $5
Use with $2/1 Target coupon
Final Price: $3 each

Small (single pot?) bags of Target, Archer Farms Coffee is $0.99
Use with $1/1 Target Coupon
When you go through the check out line, the register automatically adjusts the coupon to $0.99
Final Price: FREE!!!
Thanks to Lisa at Cents to Save! :)

Now it's your turn to share the love! If you notice any other deals please let me know so I can "spread the good news!" :)


Megan said...

The Herbal Essence coupon is a $2/2 coupon - you actually have to purchase 2.

Denise Sawyer said...

Thanks! You are right! I fixed it. Sorry!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Terina said...

I think the Target coupon for Lays crisps is $1 off 2 bags. Or is there a new coupon? I was able to use the mq with the tq and buy the the bag of 8 single packs of baked cheetos for $.69.

Sara said...

As an added bonus for the Herbal Essences sale, when you purchase two, be on the lookout for the ones specially marked with the "free mani or pedi" offer!

wiccanstitcher said...

I did the Lays Crisps this weekend using two insert coupons and two target coupons and ended up only spending a $1 for both! The cashier was very impressed and so was I.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

at first the All coupons were unlimited. but now it says i reached my limit. is that how it is working now?

uwood said...

I got some of the above deals (like the All & Smart Bulb) plus my best deal of the night was buying the new Loreal Perfect 10 hair color. It was on sale for $11.99 with an instant $5 Target gift card. Then I had a $2 coupon and a bogo coupon so I got TWO boxes and made a penny!
($11.99 - $2(coupon) = $9.99 - $10.00(gc) = +.01)

DeAnn said...

Okay, this is a silly comment, but you're a teacher and I was too, before I had my son (well I home school him, so technically, I'm still a teacher) and I'm not criticizing (I promise)but deodorant is spelled with an o not an e. That's because of the word odor in it. Just so you don't feel bad, let me tell you I was doing the same thing and my husband corrected me! So much for teachers knowing everything!!! By the way, I'm a huge fan of your blog, keep up the great job!

cynthiagilbert said...

I just ran across this news article that shared that the beef at Super Targets and Super Walmarts may have been treated with carbon monoxide to retain its red color. I am as interested as the next mom in saving money (and am really excited about the Super Walmart that just opened 4 blocks away!), but this may change some view of buying beef there! If it has been treated with carbon monoxide, it will have a warning label on it that reads something like, "“Color is not an accurate indicator of freshness. Refer to Use or Freeze By (date).”

Thanx for all the great posts with the Target deals!