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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There's a Hawaiian Tropic deal in this week's ad (page 15) generating $10 ECBs when you buy any 2 products (Limit 1).

Buy 2 small Hawaiian Tropic lip balms for $1.99 each ($3.98 total) and get your $10 ECBs!! WOOT WOOT!!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom!

::Another Helpful tip:
Jenny at Tavita's Purse said this-
"It takes a little work to find these. At my store, the lip balms were not found with the other sunscreen or even with the other lip balms. The store had a special section in the middle front that had beach umbrellas, pool toys, etc. The lip balms were hanging on a special sun care display there. So worth the extra 5 minutes that it took me to find them!"

::Note from Denise-
Other people have found them at the ends of aisles in a hanging you may have to go on a scavenger hunt to find these!! :)


Jenny M said...

Oh and I also read on HCW today that there are some "sunblock sticks" that are on clearance for $1.49 that have been working for this deal as well...I usually stay away from clearance stuff though, because I know it doesn't always work.

Jenny M said...

And by the way, I LOVE that you said, "Woot Woot!" You are not only amazingly intelligent, but also very funny! Your blog is a blessing!

Becky said...

Read my latest entry for my trouble with H.T lip balm today :O(

Gina said...

I can't find these, and I've tried 3 CVSs. I hate when that happens!