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Friday, May 30, 2008

Look What I Scored At Wal-Mart This Week!

I got all this for $11.25!!

*4 bags of Cascadian Farms Organic Vegetables
*8 bottles of Fuze
*4 packages of Post-it Note Flags
*4 Cheerios Snack Mix
*1 Johnson's Buddies Soaps
*2 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats
*1 Jar of Relish
*2 Jars of Pickles

Yippee! Want to score some of this stuff for yourself? Go Check out my post HERE!


loving green said...

ROCK ON!!! Great Job @ Walmart :)

Faerie Mom said...

Not a walmart deal but wanted to let you know... Purina cat chow is 4.25 at Dollar General. With the 4/1 coupon online you can get it for a quarter! I posted about it on my blog but wanted you to know in case you missed it!

Anonymous said...

I think you mentioned that you sometimes shop at Bi-Lo? If your Bi-Lo double coupons, you can actually get the Fuze for free there. I posted about it and some other free items here: here.

Monica said...

Great shopping Denise. Come over and see what Abby got at Wal-mart using your coupon links. Thank you again for all you share with us!

Carlie Faulk said...

Great job - after being inspired I went to Wal Mart with my Qs. Where do they hide the Cascadian Farm veggies???