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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grocery Store Deals: Publix & Walmart

To all my readers who shop it up at Publix:

Sarah at Fiddledeedee! gives you the low down on all the deals at Publix here and even does the dirty work for you-matching coupons! (Including lots of printables - the best/easiest kind!)

Marin at Frugonomics 101 gives you the heads up on items she'll be buying (that are worth going for) at Publix here.

Should I go to Wal-Mart...Is it worth the hassle? Here are some items that are FREE/CHEAP ...You Decide! :)

Wendy at More than Enough has the scoop on what is FREE and CHEAP at Wal-Mart!

Did you miss the Food Lion post here this week?

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