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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red Box Codes! WoooHooo!!!

Here are a few codes to use at the 'ole Red Box!
I LOVE free movies.


Hey, need a recommendation?
We watched "Catch and Release" last night and it was really good. Great date night movie.

Not sure what Red Box is but you like the sound of FREE + MOVIES!?! :)
Check out my post here where I talk about what Red Box is and My LOVE for it! :)


taralynn819 said...

We watched "The Kite Runner" on the NOFOOL code you posted last week. I didn't read the book (which I normally like to do before the movie), but it was very engaging. Intense, too, but not over the top (which I can't stand). Thanks for the codes! Gotta love InsideRedbox!

Hillary said...

You have gotten me hooked on Redbox!! Have you found that they hold the $1 for each movie you rent, even if its free, for about a week? I've rented 5 movies so far and have $5 on hold in my bank account... just wondering if that was normal.

but other than that, thank you! I had heard about Redbox but your post made me actually go out and try it for myself!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what the Studios think of all these free movies out there. Redbox just announced they got their 200,000,000 rental. They have over 10,000 of these machines out there at a cost of $20,000 per machine. That means they just broke even on the cost of machines.

Of those 200 million rentals, how many were free? 15 to 18 cost per movie, labor cost, electrical cost, advertising and other fees. I would easily say that they are billions of dollars behind.

The studios make the majority of their money from sales, they cannot like Redbox.

I predict that the Studios will start to hold their movies from Redbox in the near future. They will not deliver.(perhaps give them the movies 30 days after release) This will make them have to go to the big box outlets to pick up movies on street date. Redbox cannot afford this added cost of hiring delivery people for each machine.