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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GroBux - Do You Use It?

Question from a Reader:

Shelia over at Frugal Georgia Mom asked me if I had ever heard of She wrote a post asking if anyone had ever heard of it here. I told her I have not, but I will check it out!

She says it seems to be a shopping website that "pays you cash back" for shopping with them. It gives you coupon codes and such to shop with on their site through popular stores such as Old Navy, Office Max, etc.(can't remember them all, but over 900!) They offer you $5 to sign up. Once you get $20 in your account, you can withdraw your money by Paypal or a check. Also, I looked and they have a "FREE DEALS" section, similar to Cash Crate, that pays you money to fill out surveys and such.

Can YOU Help?
Has anyone used this site before? If you have will you leave what you know about it in the comments section so we can all hear more about it. We want to know how useful you find it! ;)


Marin said...

It sounds similar to, which I use. I got a Target giftcard for signing up with them and my friend got a referral bonus. Now, if I buy online by linking through their site, I can earn cash back.

Gail said...

Hi, Denise - I've never used Grobux, but it does look similar to other cash back sites like Ebates, Coupon Cactus and Fat Wallet. I would compare the sites to make sure which one offers the best deal on whatever product you are planning to buy. I also wrote about cash back sites in my blog - if you are interested, I can forward it to you.

I also enjoy your blog - I read it every day!

Anonymous said...

I've been shopping with GroBux for about 2 years now and really like it. They often have coupon codes and really do give you the cash back. They recently enhanced their search feature, but I found looking for things using Google and then going to GroBux to see if they had the store as an affliate worked better when searching for a specfic product. Not only do they honor what ever specials are going on at stores, but you get a percentage of what ever you spend back.

Sheryl said...

The site seems ok, but I signed up, made my first purchase, and can't get back into the site. They sent me an activation email that is completely blank. I've requested additional emails, but they keep coming in with absolutely no body text. I've submitted a support ticket and half the day is gone with no response. They could at least give a contact number for tech support... As it is, I can't make any purchases.

Cashback Hog said...

I looooove Grobux, have been using them for over a year and never had a problem. I've also noticed some incredible savings with coupons they had along with the cashback. Sheryl make sure you add or any site trying to email to your safe list if you have a problem. If you sign up using my link they pay me more as you make more, you can refer your friends and do the same.