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Sunday, April 6, 2008

CVS 4/6 - 4/12 Deals + MY SCENARIOS!!!

Here are the ECB Makin' items this week:
Cheerios Twin Pack $7.99 (Get $4.99 in ECB's)

Cheezits Twin Pack $5.99 (Get $3 in ECB's)

Hershey's Bliss Chocolate & Cadbury Miniatures 2/$6 (Get $2 in ECB's)
$1/1 printable coupon here

Exedrin (24 ct) $1.99 (Get $1 in ECB's)
$2/1 printable coupon here (Makes it FREE!!)

Pantene Pro-V 3/$12 (Get $4 in ECB's)
$1/2 coupon in this week's P&G saver

Anthelios SX (Price ?) (Get $5 in ECB's)

Gillette Venus Embrace, Vibrance, or Breeze Razor $9.99
(Get $5 ECB's)

Johnson's Softcream, Softlotion, or Softwash - I think it runs about $4.79
(Get $2 in ECB's)
$1/1 printable coupon here

Lubriderm Lotion (16 oz.) $6.99 (Get $1 in ECB's)
$1/1 printable coupon here

Arm and Hammer Whitening Booster $4.99 (Get $3 in ECB's)

Crest Healthy Radiance $12.99 (Get $5 in ECB's)

Colgate Toothpaste 2/$7.98 (Get $2 in ECB's)

Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99 (Get $3 in ECB's)
$2/1 Fusion Razor coupon from this week's P&G saver

Buy $ Get $ Deals

Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kits ($8.99 ) and Refills ($5.99)
Buy $10 and Get $5 in ECB's
$1/2 Swiffer refills coupon from this Sunday's P&G saver

FeBreze Air Effects (2/$5), Febreze Fabric Refresher ($3.99), and FeBreze Noticeables Starter Kit or Candle ($6.99)
Buy $10 and Get $5 in ECB's
$0.50/1 Fabric Refresher from this Sunday's P&G saver
$2/1 FeBreze Candle from this Sunday's P&G saver
B1 Noticeable Kit G1 Air Effect - coupon from this week's P&G saver

ANY CoverGirl Make-up (exludes items that earn ECB's from the monthly ad)
Buy $20 and Get $10 in ECB's

Olay and Noxzema Products
Buy $25 and Get $5 ECB's

Aveeno Skin Care (prices start at 3.99)
Buy $25 and Get $10 ECB's
$1/1 (from newspaper)
$1.50/2 (from newspaper
$1/1 from this week's Sunday paper
$1.50/2 from this week's Sunday paper
Printable for $1.00/1 Aveeno Product (print here)

Dove, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Caress, Degree, and Lever (select items - prices start at 2/$5)
Buy $15 and Get $5 in ECB's
$1.50 Dove lotion coupon from Walmart sample that came in
$1.50/1 and $2/1 and $2.50/1 coupons from previous coupon inserts
$1.50/1 Sunsilk styler coupon

Buy $25 of any of the baby products listed below
Get $10.00 ECB's (Limit 1)
Gerber Juice, 2nd Foods or finger foods (fruit and veggie puffs are included) ($1.59)
$2/4 coupon here & BOGO coupon here
Gerber 1st Foods 2pk ($1.00)
CVS Baby Wipes 72-80 ct (2/$5)
Johnson's Baby Care Buddies, powder, lotion, oil, wash, shampoo 6.5-15 oz, balm 0.5 oz, bedtime washcloths 14 ct, Desitin original 2 oz. ($2.99)
$1/1 Johnson's Oil, Wash, & Lotion coupons here and here
$2/2 coupon here
CVS Cotton Swabs ($2.99)
Playtex Baby Accessories ($4.99)
Huggies Jumbo Pack Supreme, Ultratrim, Pull-ups, Natural Fit, or Goodnites (excludes overnites) ($8.99)
$2/1 Huggies Supreme Diapers here
$2/1 Pull-ups coupon here
Baby Orajel Pain Relief teething medication 0.18-0.45 oz or swabs 12 ct. ($4.99)

Duracell Batteries $5.29
Buy $15 and Get $5 ECB's
$0.75/1 coupon in this week's insert

Here are some great Monthly Deals I wanted to Highlight!!

Buy ANY 3 Essence of Beauty Bath Products
(Excludes Lotion candle, sponges, and trial sizes) Get $5 in ECB's (lots of folks are buying the toe separators that cost $0.99!!)

Pepcid AC EZ Chews 25 or 50ct ($7.99 for 25ct) LIMIT 5
Get $5 in ECB's
(There is a $2 coupon and a $5.50 Mail in Rebate in this week's Sunday paper)

SoftSoap Spa is $4.99 (Get $4.99 in ECB's - I heard this is a hidden monthly deal!)
Printable $1/1 coupon here

CoverGirl Advanced Radiance ($10.99) or TruBlend Whipped Foundation($9.49) LIMIT 3 Get $6 in ECB's

CVS Pain Relief Rapid Release Gelcaps (24 ct.) $3.99 (Get $3.99 in ECB's)

Here are MY SCENARIOS!!!
You can use 'em as is... or use 'em as a starting point to get your brain 'a thinkin' !! :)

* In these scenarios I talk about using different CVS coupons I have. One of them is the $4/$20 they periodically send you if you sign up at the CVS site to get emails (you can do that here). If you haven't signed up already you will get a welcome coupon for $4/$20!
Also there are $2/$10 coupons reportedly in a purple CVS pharmacy pamphlet.

Scenario #1
Buy 2 CoverGirl Advanced Radiance (10.99 ea.)
Total: $21.98
*Use $4/$20 coupon (if you've got one)
Use BOGO coupon from this week's P&G saver!!!
Final Total: $6.99
ECB's Earned: $12

*Even if you don't have the $4/$20 coupon you would pay $10.99 and Earn $12 in ECB's - still great if you need some good make-up!

Scenario #2
Buy 3 SoftSoap Spa ($4.99 each)
Buy 3 Excedrin (1.99 each)
Total: $20.94
Use $4/$20 CVS coupon
Use 3 $2 Excedrin coupons
Use 3 $1 Softsoap coupons
Final Total: $7.94
ECB's Earned: $17.97

Scenario #3
Buy 3 CVS Pain Relief Rapid Release $3.99 each
Total: $11.97
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon from pamphlet
Final Total: $9.97
ECB's Earned: $11.97

Scenario #4
Buy 2 Hershey's Bliss Chocolate
Buy 1 Excedrin $1.99 each
Buy 1 FeBreze noticeable $6.99
Buy 2 FeBreze Air Effect $2.50 each
Total: 19.98 + tax (you might need a filler)
Use $4/$20 CVS coupon
Use $2 Excedrin coupon
Use BOGO FeBreze coupon
Use $0.50/1 Air Effect coupon
Use 2 $1/1 Hershey Bliss coupons
Final Total: $8.98
ECB's Earned: $8.00

So, if you do all the scenarios as is this week you will spend $33.88 in ECB's or OOP and you will EARN $49.94 in ECB's!!!

I have 2 more scenarios I want to work on. It is getting late though and I can think straight no longer! So check back tomorrow (Monday) evening and I should have 'em up!

I LOVE Makin' money at CVS!! :) If you have other deals that I have missed, please share the LOVE in the comments section! Also, if you find this post helpful please let me know! :)

Also visit Be Thrifty Like Us to see a diaper scenario that totals $12.68 OOP and earns $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks.
It would only cost you $2.68 for diapers, baby food and Johnson's products! Not Bad to score some diapers if you need 'em!

The second CVS Super Stars will happen this week!! If you weren't part of the fun this week be sure to come join us on Friday night or Saturday!! CVS Superstars is where I will post my deals from CVS with a picture. The idea is that you guys who are reading here will come back to my site and link your CVS adventures!! Fanatics and Newbies are all invited! :) It is your time to shine!! Showcase all of that great CVS stuff! The Mr. Linky will be open until Saturday night. I love hearing about all your great steals at CVS! I can't wait to see what scenarios you cooked up!

To see this week's CVS Superstars click here!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great deals! I will try a few this week and hopefully be able to participate in my first CVS Superstars!

Jenny M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Thank you for all the great scenerios. You can read how the diaper deal worked for me. I was so happy to get so many diapers!

taralynn819 said...

The ECB for the Cheerios is actually $4 even, not $4.99.

My question is, I have two $1 off 2 boxes of Cheerios coups. Does the deal count as 2 boxes, or just 1 box? Hopefully the former.

Jenny M said...

I just went to CVS on my lunch break and the cashier would not allow me to use the BOGO coupon on the Advanced Radiance. Did anyone else have that problem or shall I try again?

Denise Sawyer said...

Jenny M. I did the Covergirl deal yesterday and it worked fine. So, my advice is TRY AGAIN! :)

It works because it is a monthly deal - it isn't the weekly Buy 20 get 10. It is even better than that because you earn 12 ECBs not 10! YIPPEE
I LOVE ECB's! :)

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Denise Sawyer said...

I don't know for sure - stores may vary. But, at my CVS store they only allow one coupon. :( They treat the double box prepackaged as one item.

But, it might be worth a shot!
The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Hillary said...

Just wanted to let you know you can also use the $1/1 any Cover girl product in conjunction with Scenario number 1!! I went today and did it and my total was 5 something and I got 12 ECBS back! I didn't even have to buy the same product. I got one liquid Advanced radiance and the other was a compact Advanced Radiance! Love your deals!! Keep 'em coming!! :)

Rhonda said...

I really love reading your blog and have gotten some great tips and freebies. My problem is when I go to do your scenarios they are always out of one of the items. I have been getting some deals going after church on Sunday, but I don't come up with your great scenarios and I basically just wind up rolling over instead of growing ECB's. Any suggestions?

Marianne Thomas said...

Denise, thanks for linking your Scenarios at The New Frugal Mom. I know how much time (!) it takes to work out those deals; you're saving a lot of busy folks from big headaches!

Smiles - and I'm buying some Cover Girl this week! I'll link over here Friday night...if I survive the week!

Jenn4him said...

Hello. I was directed here by a friend who is learning how to play the CVS game. I am a total novice at this,so I appreciate all the hard work you put into writing your posts. Just wanted to thank you.