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Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Time For....CVS SUPERSTARS!!

You can post from now until Saturday at Midnight!! I can't wait to see all of your great buys!
Okay, so here is what I got:

5 cans of scrubbing bubbles (the miracle bathroom cleaner) :)
2 boxes of Cheezits (My husband LOVES these)
3 tubes of Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion (so I can get my tan on- or my husband won't have to wear shades to look at my pasty-white/glow in the dark skin! Ha!)
1 tube of Colgate Total
24/7 Lip Plumper
a big box of Hefty Trash bags (we needed these)
2 sticks of Lady Speedstick 24/7 deodorant

It took 4 transactions.

all the scrubbing bubbles
the toothpaste

Just the lip plumper
(I broke even on this deal)

All the Jergens

both deoderants

I spent: $29.48 in ECBs
I spent: $5.56 on a CVS giftcard
I spend: $0 of my own hard earned cash!
I EARNED: $28.99 in ECBs

Not too shabby. I lost about $1 ECB in all these transactions. BUT, I brought home lots of great stuff, including trash bags which we needed, and Cheezits so that I am the best wife in the whole world! :)

Now it's your turn! Show the world that you're a CVS SUPERSTAR!! Newbies too!
Just post all about your CVS deals at your blog and then leave a link here! If you don't have a blog, leave your adventures in the comment section! I can't wait to hear and see all those great CVS deals!


taralynn819 said...

I did super this week at CVS! More Dove body wash, lots of Essence of Beauty gift bags & facial scrubbies, 2 Colgate toothpastes, 4 Mennen deodorants, Garnier Nutritioniste facial scrubbies (we're partial to St. Ives, but hey), a few Jergens Natural glow (both regular and expres - I use this stuff every summer so now I won't have to buy more tanning bed for this blondie blue!)

Hmmm...what else? I got cleaning supplies for my mom while we were in MN last week (she cleans houses for a a living).

I also did the Maybelline deal since I use the cream blush, I needed new eye liner, and I was using the same tube of mascara for 10 months (that's beyond frugal, more like crazy since mascara crumbs would fall into my eyes during the day, yeah weird).

Oh, and I also snagged teh $10 off Glucerna coupon and got the snack bars and meal bars. Watch out!!! They worked like a laxitive on me! That stinks because they are so tasty!

Throw in a 75% off raspberry cream egg from Easter and a cow tail, and that's pretty much my deal! I'm not patient enough to take, upload, and post a picture, so this will hafta do. :) Love your blog.

Candace said...

Funny how after you have kids, the big deal is getting the diapers. Oh, how my life has changed:)
Great deals, Denise!

Faerie Mom said...

I had a great trip to CVS this week. Spent very little and got a lot! I acn't wait for next weeks diaper deals....

Sarah said...

Can't wait to post, but I have go get my ducks in a row first (meaning, type up my deals!). It's so much fun to see everyone else's deals. Great job ladies!

Stephanie said...

Just a quick question for you experienced CVSer's out there! When a product is listed in the ad as 2/$5 at CVS, do you have to buy two of the products to get them at that price, or if you bought one, would it still just be $2.50? I know different stores treat this differently. Thanks for your help!

Mrs Nespy said...

I loved CVS this week and word is that I'll be able to pick up some baby stuff this next week.

As for the question from depend on what the product is. If I can benefit from 2, I get them, but I only get one if I don't need any additional because our store uses the unit price per item.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did really good! You almost earned as many ECB's as you spent! That's usually my goal, but lately I haven't been so lucky. I didn't realize till I got home that I was missing $10 in ECB's the time before last. Oops. That stinks! It wasn't worth the gas to drive all the way back again. I'll be more careful next time! So, I'm back down to only $10 hard earned ECB's. But hey, better than nothin'! :)


Mrs Nespy said...

By the way...thanks for hosting this CVS Superstars! It's great to visit others' sites to see savings and possibly wander into a site we've never visited before!

Sheer Blind Luck said...

I went for 6 trips on the 31st. Holy wow did I get a bit of stuff! Not as much softsoap as I would have liked, but I was pretty happy. The rainchecks I had for the pot of gold were nice. Didn't know they won't give out ECBS, so I sort of did a BOGO on those. Grr, to losing the 10ecbs, but they make great gifts! What I like the best about cvs is trying out new cosmetics. I was able to pick up the 24.7 lip plumper, and as soon as my fever blisters heal, I'm gonna try it! :-D Looks like everyone else had great trips too!

RF said...

Sorry I didn't include a pic with mine! I need new batteries (guess I should have bought some at CVS!) What a great trip this was!

S.B. said...

I missed this, but will be sure to join in next week!


Anonymous said...

I ended up with 11 more ECB's than I started with.

Deal #1
5 Johnson & Johnson Shampoos $14.98
2 Hersey Bliss $6

Total $20.98
minus $4/20
minus 5 $1 J&J
minus 2 $1 Hersey Bliss
minus $9 ECB's
Total 0.98 OOP plus tax
$2 back in ECB's

Deal #2
2 Covergirl TruBlend
1 Gerber Fingerfood
Total $20.57
minus $4/20
minus $9.49 BOGO
minus $2.00 CV from CVS Mag
minus $5.00 ECB
Total of 0.08 plus tax
Get back 12 ECB's

Deal #3
3 Pantene Products (1 shampoo and 2 stylers) $11
3 J&J Shampoo $8.70
1 liter of Dasani water $1.75 (estimate)
total $21.45
minus 4/20
minus 3 $1 J&J
minus 2 $2 Pantene Stylers
minus $1 Pantene shampoo
minus $1 Dasani CVS mag Q
minus $7.98 ECB's

Total 0.47 plus tax
Get back $14 in ECB's

So I will spend a total of $16.98 in ECB's and get back $28 in ECB's